Monday 9/17/12


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Sunday 9/16/12

Endurance WOD

Bike WOD

10-20 mile bike ride fartlek style

Meet at Diesel gym at 0900

All skill levels and bike types welcome. The ride will stay on the road.

You must bring a helmet to ride. 

Saturday 9/15/12

Team WOD

In Teams of 3
Complete 3 rounds for Max Repetitions:
1 min Power Clean
1 min Toes to Bar
1 min rest

Post reps to comments

Friday 9/14/12


Complete 3 rounds for max reps:
1 min *Sit-up Med Ball Throws (#20/14)
1 min Push ups
1 min Med Ball Cleans
60 Foot Shuttle Run
60 Foot Shuttle Run
60 Foot Shuttle Run
60 Foot Shuttle Run
1 min Rest

*med ball throws are completed
by starting in a sit up position 6
feet from the wall with the ball
extended overhead. Sit up
violently throwing the ball
against the wall and repeat. .

Post total reps on med ball
throws, push ups and med ball
cleans to comments.


Thursday 9/13/12


Pendlay Row

Post load to comments

click here for a Pendlay Row Video

Wednesday 9/12/12



4 rounds for time:
21 Kettlebell Swing (#53/#35)
21 Box Jump
400 Meter Run

Post time to comments

Diesel Ladies
We need 4 ladies for Two Hybrid Teams at the 5Ton 5K.  2 gals for the Scaled Division and 2 others for the Rx'd Division.
Post interest to comments & or email Evan for details -

Teamwork at the Tough Mudder!

Tuesday 9/11/12


Overhead Squat


Compare to 1/9/12

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Monday 9/10/12



1000 M Row
50 Thrusters (45/ 33#)
30 pull-ups

Compare to: 2/24/12

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Sunday 9/9/12


Endurance WOD
9am Crossfit Diesel

5-ton-5k practice

Six rounds for time of:

5 rep, clean and jerk (135/95)
Run 500m
Row 500m

Congrats Diesel Athletes for competing in the Tough Mudder!

Saturday 9/8/12

2008 Games Deadlift/ Burpee WOD

5 Rounds for time:

5 Deadlift (275/ 185#)
10 Burpee

Compare to 1/5/11

Friday 9/7/12


Ramp to:
a 1-RM (or near max) Front Squat

Rack - Then, using the same load, immediately perform:
1 set of Back Squat (for Max Reps)

(Post load + Back Squat Reps to comments)

Thursday 9/6/12


1 Squat Snatch (135/ 95#)
3 Power Clean (135/ 95#)
5 Floor Press (135/ 95#)

Post rounds to commnets