Tuesday 1/17/12


Heavy: Jerk

Jerk (Front)
Jerk (Back)

Post best lifts to comments

Compare to: 10/26/11


Dan Hook said...

Those sdhp were awful.

T said...

Not that there are 50 pull ups in tomorrows WOD - but here is a video of Gretchen Kittleberger (sp?) showing how to make grips out of athletic tape.

Slightly different than how I do it - but I'm sure effective none the less.


T said...

RE: The video - I smell after party :)

Stolen from my lovely wife :)

jshish8 said...

courtesy of youtube comments:
"Jillian you are embarassing to watch. For a world class trainer to be fatigued half way through the second exercise? Not to mention the not only horrible but dangerous technique on the first 3.. pathetic" I thought this was hilarious...

Mandi said...

7am Rookies
10 wallball
10 kettlebell swing

K Kovacs 8rnds (#14/#35)
S Matthews 6rnds (#15/#35)
B Lessler 6rnds (#14/#35)
A Solomon 5rnds (#20/#35)
G Yokaitis 4.5rnds (#14/#26)

RachelRose said...

I wonder what weight they had Jillian use. I would have thought she'd be stronger with the push press... is that awful of me?

Evan said...

The load looks like FGB load.

Jay said...

What's with the slamming the medicine balls?

Evan said...

They clearly haven't heard my rule on Medicine Balls ...

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

I cringed on the first medicine ball slam.

Sujata said...

10-9-8....1 Burpees and Sit Ups

Evan said...


N. Berkley 305 / 300 PR/PR!
M. Willoughby 245 (C+J) / 275 PR!
J. Goss 205 / 235 tie PR
M. Gross 200 / 212.5 PR!
M. Stephen 215 PR!/ 195
K. Lokkins 195 / 205
A. Shishineh 190 / 205
J. Gober 185 / 195
D. Hook 175 / 155

T. Luz 165 / 180
A. Middleton 90 / 100 PR/PR!

T said...

J.Hibbard 235 PR!/185 PR!
B.Bush 195/215 PR!
J.Harrington 205 PR!/205 PR!
C.Twaddle 175/195 PR!
J.Shrader 185 PR!/175 PR!
D.London 185/165
Neale 175/165

HY.Tom 125/125
S.Fountain 125/115
R.Morano 105/95
C.Dodge 85/95
K.Berndt 90/90

A sea of PR's tonight great job!

Evan said...


T. Tom 275/315 PR/PR/GR!
J. Buford 185/205
Youry 165/155

Y. Schriber 135/145
S. Thomas 115/115

T said...

Next time we do this I think i'll play with getting more of a front rack position on my front jerk, and see if I can get more connection into my drive...

jshish8 said...

Nice work Tyler on the 315!! Next time I'm sticking around to watch the show.