Wednesdsay 1/18/12



Double Under

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Diesel back in 2008


RachelRose said...

Well, as the saying goes, CFD, "you've come a long way baby". Are either of those folks in the pic still here?

jshish8 said...

One of them looks like Mandi?

Jay said...

Is there a substitute for jumping? Rowing? I have a knee that is currently going in any direction it wants, including backwards, without notice.

Mandi said...

Thanks Rachel!
Yes, that is me :)
Jay, we will find an appropriate substitute move for you.

Mandi said...


T Luz 5:19 PR GR!
A Shishineh 5:28 GR!
J Gober 5:46
K Lokkins 6:26
J Goss 9:23
A Fountain 10:32
K Faro 12:18
T Braglio 13:15

Mandi said...


T Tom 6:40 PR
R Morano 6:45 (squats)
K Kovacs 7:04
Y Schreiber 7:00
HY Tom 7:00
Yoriy 10:04
E Dean 10:38 (SU)

Mandi said...

6 PM
K.Berndt 6:31 PR!!
S.Fountain 6:33 PR!!
R.Morano 6:55 PR!!
Mandi 7:09
C.Twaddle 8:25
Sam M. 9:10
A.White 9:18
S.Hulin 9:36
D.London 11:12 PR!!
Ryan 11:35

C.Dodge 9:46 (su/tucks)
Irene 10:38 (2xSU)
J.Gipson 11:42 (12"box steps) 90reps
K. Kucdey 12:30 (2xSU)

Yvette said...

I remember when I started CF I would watch Racheal M.'s DU's and I would think how it's gonna be forever till I get my DU's anywhere close to hers but I'm proof they get better because my time was close to Racheal M.'s tonight :) These r the type of feelings that keep be coming back to CF. Now if I could only get closer to Teresa's times :)

Teresa said...

You are already closer than you realize. You are doing an amazing job and I absolutely love seeing your progress (not only in the metcons, but in the strength components as well). Keep it up! Before you know it, we'll be taking a team to Regionals!

RachelRose said...

U're actually my pull-up inspiration Yvette! I always think of the time u told me to get my knees higher in the kip swing to really catch the momentum. I can't wait to see u doing muscle'ups. I'm glad to contribute to the power of positive reinforcement for u at CFD today :)

RachelRose said...

Abs were achey tonight starting only hours after the WOD :( usually they don't ache or they ache a day or two later!

Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing the info about the Invictus blog. I checked it out tonight and came across the "Mental Toughness" article. Absolutely wonderful. Really great words of wisdom written from Casey to Sage Burgener. If you haven't read it, take the time to do so. It was motivating.

Sujata said...

OK CFD you've really got me officially inspired!! I'm getting on a plane to come back home tomorrow so I'll celebrate with this WOD before I leave - although doing it solo and without an abmat will not be so much fun!

Sujata said...

OK, so I obviously need to work on my DUs but I'm happy to have done this Rx for the first time - 10:27

Rachel L. said...

Open gym: 9:35

Was aiming for under 10 minutes, so that is good but I need to work more on my double unders.