Monday 1/16/12


"Nutts" variation

For time:
10 Handstand push-ups
15 Deadlifts (250#/175#)
25 Box Jumps (24"/20")
50 Pull-ups
100 Wallball shots (20#/14#)
200 Double-Unders
400 Meter run (45#/25# plate)

Compare to (click link for more information about Lieutenant Andrew Richard Nuttall)

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Happy Martin Luther King Day!


RachelRose said...

I see you did away with the double-unders... No worries, it is still completely loco...

Dan Hook said...

Well, I'm going to be that guy that points out the typo that hardly anyone else noticed until someone pointed it out: tomorrow is 1/16/12, not 1/16/11.

Mandi said...

we would be a mess without you guys :)

Yvette said...

What!!! I thought the DU's were left out on purpose.

RachelRose said...

Can we please have the DU's... pretty please...

RachelRose said...

Oh yeah thank you!

Mandi said...

It was a typo.....double under's are in. The "variation" is in reference to the box jump height.

Sujata said...

Not so sad to be missing this (well, maybe a little!) but I'm happy to report that I improved my time on 100 squats - down to 2:01. Rachel, can you take 5 secs off your earlier - you might want to do it before this WOD!

Mandi said...

Nice job Sujata!

Mandi said...

7am - way to go team!

A Shishineh 19:34
K Kovacs 26:03 modified
S Moore 29:45 modified
B Lessler 36:30 modified
H Dean 43:06 modified

Steve H said...

Finally over the sinus cold and looking to give this a run tonight! Definitely looks loco.

Evan said...


T Luz 16:45 (16# WB)
B Cohee 22:35
B Bush 25:00 (255#)
K Lokkins 26:06
M Gross 26:40
J Buford 27:23
Y Schreiber 29:18
A Fountain 30:32
M Stephen 32:06
M Sullivan 33:00
D Hook 37:25
S Hulin 40:02
J Gober 21:46 (225#)
J Harington 30:32 (1.5 abmat, 185 Dl, 300 S+D)
L Cohee 34:03 (155# dl, 1.5 abmat)

Evan said...


S. Stephens 19:34 (no weighted run)
T. Tom (rx 30" box)
K. Berndt 29:37 (2 abmat HSPU, 135# DL, 10# WB)
S. Fountain 28:08 (25# dumbell press, 160# DL)
R. Morano 25:57 (2 blue abmat HSPU, 155# DL, purple band PU)
J. Goss 34:29 (rx 30" box)
J. Shrader 32:05
H.Y. Tom 27:17

Steve H said...

I think having double unders really makes or breaks this WOD. Definitely intense, don't think I've had my bell rung like that in a while.

Evan said...

7:00 PM

23:50 K Kuadey (Modified)
26:45 E Dean (Modified)

Anonymous said...

5 Push Ups
10 Situps
15 Squats

Donte 15+24
Nick 14+3 (13yrs old, 1st Crossfit WOD)

T said...

T.Tom - 26:01

That sucked - I haven't had a side stitch in ages and somehow those double unders did it!