Thursday 2/2/12



Handstand Push-Ups
Box Jumps (30/24")

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Teresa said...

A Shishineh 13:41
K Kovacs 17:08 (mod)
B Bush 18:32 (2 abmats)

Steve H said...

Anyone want in on this order?

Was planning on picking up a few

Steve H said...

NWC - 16:21

What a doozy. Thank you Crossfit for kipping HSPU's...without you I'd be a DNF'er.

Keep up the tough work diesel'ers and diesel'etes!

RachelRose said...

To anyone who has ever skipped a day due to the need for a 'rest day'... At 4:45pm I gave in to the idea that today would be a rest day. And still now at 6:15pm I cannot even for a minute get this WOD off my freakin' mind. Am I obsessed with CrossFit?... don't answer that. Has anyone else ever had this kind of problem?... don't answer that either... LOL. I know people on the main site take a day off every 4 days, and Evan would say to go do fun things like hike, run, or dance if you still feel the need to do something physical. But there is something about being there with all of you that really makes the experience of being young and fit most fulfilling for me. Well, anyhow, hope you all got fiercely into your 'zone' tonight!! :)

Michael said...

6:00 PM


J Southworth 13:05 (25-lb DB)
T Tom 15:09
J Hibbard 16:45 (1 ab mat)
J Harrington 14:32 (black and blue bands)
J Burford 19:44


H-Y Tom 12:20
Y Schreiber 18:10
Irene 12:42 (deadlift 85 lb, step-up, goblet squats)
S Rana 9:20 (15-lb DB, 20-in box)
M Davidson (2 ab mat)
A Rigney 14:19 (1 abmat)
K Berndt 15:33 (2 ab mat, 20-in box)
S Fountain 15:45 (incline push-up)

Mandi said...


T Luz 9:38 mod
E Davidson 12:27 (24")
A Middleton 12:41 (2abmat)
M Gross 12:44
A Fountain 12:53
C Dodge 15:12 (step,#20press)
J Dorsey 15:48 (1abmat)
J Shrader 16:17 (1abmat)
M Stephen 17:53
D Hook 20:05 (1abmat)

T said...

7PM Rookie All Stars!

J.Harrington 115/135/135
L.Brown 115/115/85
R.Rivera 115/115/85
J.Burford 115/115/115
L.Trujillo 35/35/35
M.Jones 155/155/75
M.McDonald 105/105/125
K.Bray 50/50/35
J.Kim 35/35/35
S.Brown 50/50/57.5
K.Kuadeg 85/95/85
S.Matthews 105/105/105

Hoi_Yee said...

I guess my arms weren't working too well after that workout. Handwriting fail. My time should say 12:28

T said...

Rookie WOD for tonight

Press 1-1-1-1-1
Push Press 3-3-3-3-3
Push Jerk 5-5-5-5-5

Mandi said...

M Davidson 12:22 (2x45# plates + 2blue abmats)