Thursday 7/12/12



Compare to: 1/23/12

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Mandi said...


B Bush 375
E Davidson 345 (mod)
A Shishineh 345 PR
T Henry 315
B Lessler 255 PR
K Kuadey 250 PR
W Bigelow 185
K Berndt 170 (skill work)
R Morano 135

jshish8 said...

Also Compare to: 111216

Yvette said...

Thanks AJ for the compare for DL at 5. I couldn't recall exactly what my previous highest for 5 was. I guess this is why I should write it down myself more. :) I'm gonna try it this evening on my own.

BTW is that stats for Whitney I see from this morning?? WELCOME BACK Whitney!!!

Tony Braglio said...

T Braglio 345

RachelRose said...

So what's this LHC Group publication? Who are they? I love their model :)

5 TON 5K said...

That's the new company that Susan works for, Rachel :-)

Susan S. said...

My company was looking into doing a story on employees who are into fitness to promote work/life balance. I know there are lots of triathletes who work for LHC Group. I supposed the Crossfit/powerlifting angle was the most interesting for front cover material...hehe! CF rules!

Evan said...


J.Goss 360
D.Hook 325 (350x3)
S.Matthews 315 pr!
K.Faro 275 (285x4)
M.Pratt 275 (295x3)
M.Gerwig 265 pr!
S.Wilner Squat practice

Dan Hook said...

correction: 335# x 5

Evan said...

Typo, my fault. Sorry Dan :-(

Evan said...


S.Fountain 215 (220x4) PR!

J.Schreiber 455#
K.Palmisano 350# PR!
J.Staman 345#
M.Treas 345#
N.Salvador 265#
I.Bruce 255#
J.Thrift 245#

Neale said...


A. Rager 195#
Sh. Hulin 185# PR!
S. Rana 165# (175#x2)

St. Hulin 275# (Volume work)
E. Park 275#
T. Sterling #225

Great job!

Yvette said...


255 PR! :)

whitney said...

Thanks guys!! It's good to be back .. Sore as can be from driving and moving but good to be back! Hope to see you all soon!