Friday 12/16/11



Compare to: 8/26/11

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Susan S. said...

7 AM Class
M. Treas 375
J. Stamen 365 PR!
A. Shishineh PR!
R. Morano 192.5 PR!
H. Dean 180 PR!
W. Hall 175 PR!
B. Lessler x4 PR!

Way to rock it on the DL!! See you at X-mas party on Saturday

jshish8 said...

285#PR. Then ROM work @ 225# for the remainder of the class.

RachelRose said...

Susan thank u for the awesome coaching :)

skeeler said...

Yeah, Susan knows a thing or two about deadlifting.

Evan said...

5:00 PM

Erin Burns 375 PR
Steve Hulin 320 PR
Mike Gross 295 PR
Teresa Luz 285 PR
Mike Stephens 275 PR

Mandi said...


J Schreiber 465 PR
T Tom 375 PR?
J Southworth 335 PR
J Shrader 290 PR (295x1PR)
C Thomas 290
Y Schreiber 225
R Lieberman 215 PR (225x1)
M Dietz 215
H Tom 215
S Fountain 195
K Berndt 155
J Hibbard

Rachel L. said...

Open Gym: Fifthy Fifty 33:36