Tuesday 7/10/12


"Angry Annie"


Double Unders
Kettlebell Swing (1.5/1 pood)

Compare to 9/28/11

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Jason said...

CrossFit 2.2

4 rft of
270m row
34 lunge
17 swing 55#
9 burpee


I was scared of the coach. Big, tattooed Marine Sgt. I wanted to stop and breathe but he would yell at me and I was afraid so I kept going.

Hilary said...

Here's why Annie's angry...


WO. Surprise...!

Evan said...


A.Shishineh 9:04
K.Bernt 16:10
K.Kuadey 14:48 (mod)
A.Ne 15:43 (mod)

RachelRose said...

That little tri makes perfect sense and really should be a breeze for those athletes. I feel bad for the shorter athletes when it comes to the broad jump though.

Yvette said...

Hey Mandi, I'm going to bring my bike for you this evening.

Neale said...

12:00pm @ Work

N. Salvador 11:30 RX+ (55# KB)

Mandi said...

Awesome...Thanks Yvette!

Evan said...


M.Davidson 12:10 PR!
R.Morano 12:33
A.Fountain 12:55
S.Mathews 13:02
K.Palmisano 13:59
M.Sullivan 14:11
J.Staman 15:01
T.Braglio 15:58
S.Boyce 17:00
M.Houk 11:30 (mod)
V.Kurian 12:16 (mod)
S.Wilner 13:54 (mod)
Sh.Hulin 14:35 (mod)
M.Pratt ?:?? (mod)

M.Gross 6:10 (Regular Annie) PR!

Mandi said...


T Tom 9:52 PR!
S Fountain 13:58 PR!
S Hulin 13:58 PR!
I Constandoglo 15:53
I Bruce 17:30
K Faro 18:07
S Stephens 9:12 (mod)
E Park 10:00 (mod)
L Roque 12:43 (mod)
J Thrift 15:30 (mod)

T said...

Y. Schreiber 10:44
J. Shrader 12:26
Z. Stone 14:11

R. Lieberman 12:15 (mod)
K. Shrader 12:36 (mod)
A. Rager 13:25 (mod)
J. Harrington 14:23 (35#)
A. Rgney 14:53 (su)
K. Baranowski 16:10 (mod)


Steve H said...

Anyone who was interested in good wrist straps for those heavy overhead presses and squats: