Sunday 7/8/12



We will be mountain biking in Patapsco State Park. 

To find the location, google "Patapsco State Park - Avalong Entrance". It is located just off route 1, south of where 1-95 crosses over. 

Once entering the park, drive until the road comes to a T, then take a LEFT and look for the playground that comes up on the right. Park there. The WOD will start at 0900 AM.

You will need to bring at the very least a mountain bike and a helmet. There are road biking options in the park, but the WOD will be on trails. 

There is a small fee per car for park entrance. 


Mike T said...

Brian, awesome WOD, can you plan to do it again in the fall? I need more clipping practice before I brave the trails again. And this heat is no fun.

Brian Cohee said...

Of course! We will see how it goes, but I am trying to find ways to add more cycling...

Mandi said...

Fantastic Jason!

Mandi said...

The biking was awesome Brian, Thanks!