Thursday 3/15/12

Games WOD 12.4

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:

150 Wallball (#20/#14)
90 Double-Unders
30 Muscle-ups

Post reps to comments

Compare to "Karen" 5/13/11

Schedule reminder:
7am, 5pm, 6pm and 7pm Today's WOD Class
Saturday will be closed for the Goal Setting Course. 


Mandi said...

Wow...wasn't anticipating 150 wallball before moving to the next skill!

T said...


Mandi said...

hahaha....we feel your pain T!

Sujata said...
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Sujata said...

I stopped reading after 150 WB - that will be my goal...!! I don't even need to think about the DUs and the MUs!

T said...

Jason - I totally second that... DT ladder. Bring it! hahaha... or deadlift ladder, I could get down with that I suppose...

Mandi said...

They have made these WOD's VERY accessible....perhaps more than needed.

T said...

5 min AMRAP 315 back squat. BOOM.

jshish8 said...

Looks good. Don't worry big T, 12.5 will be a heavy monster.

Steve H said...

I'm willing to bet the athletes will place very close to where they finished on 12.1

Teresa said...

A Shishineh 257 (Karen: 6:58)
S Rana 183 (10#)

Setting the bar pretty high this morning. Awesome job!

Sujata said...

I surprised myself on the WBs - got a PR on Karen - but then spent the last 2 1/2 minutes struggling on DUs. So, my advice would be to warm up your DUs so that even exhausted you can crank out a solid number. I totally had the time and energy to get more DUs but lacked the skill!!

Mandi said...

fantastic job AM crew!

jshish8 said...

Great job Sujata!

My warm-up advice is to crank out 3-5 wall balls and immediately jump to your DUs. This provides a good 'shock' to your system and provides feedback to how your shoulders/legs will feel from the transition.

Steve H said...

Athlete - WOD 12.4 Score - Karen Time

M Stephen 244 - 8:05
S Matthews 152 - 11:34
T Luz 240 (+25 MOD) - 6:28
M Gross 187 - 11:14
D Hook 154 - 10:58
H Dean 150 - 11:46
I Reid 240 - 7:37
M Sullivan 240 - 8:15

Mandi said...


R Lieberman 164 (10:48K)
C Dodge 202 mod
Y Schreiber 240 (9:25K)
J Southworth 210
J Shrader 215 (9:00K)
HY Tom 243 (6:50K)
S Hulin 246 (7:42)
J Hibbard 240 (8:14K)
J Gober 252 (7:20K)

T Tom 245 (6:39K)
A Rigney 275 mod
L Cohee 186 (10:30K)
B Cohee 244 (7:03K)
S Moore 248 (mod)
Y Gorodiskiy 200

T said...

Great work this morning AJ - way to kill those MU's!

Josh said...

Really want to give this one another go... but I'm pretty convinced I won't be able to walk until at least Monday!

Mandi said...

S Stephens 240

Rachel L. said...

So, I thought my shoulders were just sore, but when I woke up today, it was tough getting my legs up and moving. I'm with Josh on wanting to give it another go but I'm not sure that is a good idea....

Yvette said...

Teresa, I'm not competing this weekend. 240 is the best I can do THIS YEAR :)

Teresa said...

Awesome job girl. Keep it up. You've had an amazing Open so far.

Mandi said...

135 (14:00K 3minPR!) Wallball is my new best friend :)