Wednesday 3/14/12



Handstand Push-Ups
Ring Dips

Compare to 4/7/11

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Schedule reminder:
7am and 7pm Rookies Class
5pm and 6pm Today's WOD Class
Saturday will be closed for the Goal Setting Course. 


jshish8 said...

10min AMRAP 135# FS and MU for 12.4? Any other guesses?

Mandi said...

7am Rookies

12 Thrusters
12 Toes to bar
12 Double-Unders

K Keating 4+7reps (mod)

Mandi said...

Nice AJ.
I voting for DU's, Deadlift and wallball.

Jason said...

After DT and Michael I am experiencing the same kinda hip flexor fatigue as a heavy dose of GHD sit ups. Good stuff.

Rachel L. said...

I agree with Mandi... but I think there might be MU or C2B as well...

RachelRose said...

I'd like to see some rope climbs.

Josh said...

Happy Pi Day!!

Mandi said...

sweet, happy pi day Josh!

Yvette said...

I want overhead squats :)

Jason said...

5 P.M. - Nice Work!

A. Fountain 10:44
H. Dean 16:27 (25# DB seated press, Knee push-up, Blue band)
S. Rana 12:18 (Mod HSPU, Red band)
T. Luz 16:30 (One-arm db press, One-arm box dip, One-arm box push-up [an absolutely brutal and painful modification to watch!])

Max W said...


T Tom 10:11 (MOD)
HY Tom 8:40 (MOD)
S Hulin 11:21 (MOD)
J Southworth 17:08 (MOD)
K Berndt 17:33 (MOD)
M Treas 15:06 (MOD)
R Morano 15:57 (MOD)

Evan said...

7:00 Rookies

S. Wilkes 3+24
K. Baranowski 4+3
R. Morano 5+4
E. Raymond 3+2
S. Raymond 3+10
D. Weyreed 3+20
R. Rivera 4+21
B. Cope 3+11
Y. Schriber 3+24