Monday 2/6/12


Three rounds for time of:

10 Deadlift (275, 190)
50 Double-unders

Chuck Carswell 2:46, Leah Polask 3:06 (198lbs).

Post time to comments.


Teresa said...

B Bush 7:12
B Lessler 5:31 (155#)

A Shishineh 8:24 (bench 155#)

K Kovacs 7:06 (125#)
S Rana 9:57 (145-125#)

Matt said...

If you see me with a 9V battery attached to my temple while lifting, this is why. :)

Evan said...

Fantastic find Matt!

Don't focus on how you are going to move the barbell - Focus on the barbell moving where it has to go.

Don't focus on body position to balance or walk a handstand - Focus on where the floor is and the body will move accordingly.

I agree with the article. It revels insight into the mental state of Klever and Thorisdottir that interviews with them hint upon.

Mandi said...

Nice find Matt.

jshish8 said...

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Evan said...


T. Luz 2:43 (200#)

Yvette said...

Wow T2 that's fast :)

Dan Hook said...

After some consideration of just how long 12 miles is, I signed up for the tough mudder anyway. I hope lots of other Diesel athletes sign up too!

Yvette said...

Ya Dan :)

T said...

7PM Rock Stars!

S.Stephens 4:45 (200)
T.Tom 4:21
E.Dean 6:38 (175#/75 SU)

Steve H said...


S. Hulin - 9:36