Sunday 2/5/12


Endurance WOD

Time: 9am
Location: Hammond High School Track

400m sprint time trial
followed by 6x100m leaving on 90 seconds

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Brian Cohee said...

This WOD will start with a pacing tutorial. Then the 400m time trial, which will be official for the gym's record board.

Yvette said...

I'm all signed up for the OPEN and even the OPEN competition at the D.C affiliate. Everyone else it's your turn :) Especially because I do not want to be at the D.C affiliate competition by myself. It's gonna be fun to represent as a team.

Brian Cohee said...

Endurance WOD:

Name / pacing WOD/ 400m time

Shannon / 4 / 1:18 (10s PR!) GR
Josh / 6 / 1:08 GR
Nate / 7 / 1:09

Great work out there today!

These were the first official track 400m's and are therefore the current GR's.

Brian Cohee said...

Also, for those who were not there and/or not familiar, the pacing WOD was to state a goal pace (we used mile pace) and then run 2x400m at that pace without a watch. Score was how many total seconds you deviated from the stated pace.

For example, if goal pace was 80 seconds, and you ran a 75 and an 82, your score would be 7.

Shannon said...

Thanks, Brian! The pacing WOD is not only helpful when it comes to running, but like you said, the theory can be incorporated into almost any WOD we do.

Also, I imagine this will be the only GR I will ever hold so I'm going to enjoy it.