Wednesday 10/26/11


Heavy: Jerk

Jerk (Front)

Jerk (Back)

Post best lifts, Front & Back, to comments

Compare to: 3/9/11

Teresa takes Silver at the 2011 Fall Brawl
hosted by R.A.W. training


Mandi said...

FYI: Howard Magazine will have a photographer at Crossfit Diesel today! They are writing an article on woman in extreme sports and have interviewed Teresa, Susan and Rachel M.

Smile pretty everyone! If you don't want to be in the photo's, just let me know.

Sujata said...

We should be doing the "Crossfit Wrecks You" WOD today for the photographer!

The Etruscan said...

What is the "Crossfit Wrecks You" WOD? Was it worse than, err, Brutus? That was an evil WOD. I wish I could talk my gym here into repeating it.

Mandi said...

Matt S 195/205 =400
Jason G 205/135 =370
AJ 175/185 =360
Vinu 175/175 =350
Teresa 160/185 =345
Dan H 185/155 =340
Sean 165/135 =300
Susan 150/140 =290
Rachel M 95/95 =190
Mandi 105/75 =180

Jim 255 (front squat)

Mandi said...


T 265PR/300PR GR!=565
Jason H 190PR/190PR =380
Chris 180PR/185 =365
Josh 170PR/160PR =330
Rachel L 120/125PR =245
Mike T 135/105 =240
Cami 92.5/85 =177.5
Kim 80/82.5 =162.5

Mandi said...

7:00 PM

Evan 215/235 (small PRs)=450
Yvette 130/135PR =265
Whitney 115/110 =225

Teresa said...

Way to go girl! Sweeeet #s

T said...

@T2 - What were the workouts for FALLBRAWL?????

RachelRose said...

Yeah Yvette I second what Teresa wrote, and I add that I am not surprised, but I am impressed. U are a beast :)

jshish8 said...

T, congrats on the big 300!

Teresa said...

WOD 1: Take items from point A to B, get the clear from your judge, then return them all to starting point. Items were two tires, cinder-block, and fire hose for females. Oh, and it was up "tubing hill." Crazy!

WOD 2/3/4: 3 min max DUs, rest 1 min, 3 min max row, rest 1 min, 3 min max front squats 135/85# (from the floor)

WOD 5: Ground to Overhead ladder, 20 seconds to lift, 10 secs to transition to next weight

WOD 6: Sled push, remaining time left of 1 min for max wall balls, sled push back to start point, remaining time of 1 min for max KBS; repeat for total of 4 rounds (8 mins). Score is # of KBS and WBs

FINAL WOD: approx 500 meter run (with a hill); 10 beast burpees (chest to ground, climb up and over wall from the pic posted), 20 DL 255?/185#, 30 STO 45/30# DBs, 40 SDHP 72/53# kettlebells, 500 m run

Evan said...

NWC - 10/29/11

Jerk (back)

Evan 242.5 PR!