Wednesday 6/30/10




5 Pull-Ups
10 Push-Ups
15 Squats

Compare to 12/7/09

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T said...

Seriously? This is what we get after today's?!????

kfishy said...

Not too bad. It's a little painful to sit and walk, but it's a lot better than I thought it would be.

I'll take it easy this week and see how it feels on Monday. Maybe I'll try going for a light jog sometime this weekend.

Maybe I should have let you and John work on it....nope, maybe not.

Unknown said...

Yeah man, I got the towel ready. We'll get you squared away. Or I could just step on it like those Asian ladies do.

Unknown said...

I'm curious to see what these guys could do in mainstream athletics. How would they do at the NFL Combine, can they do a triathlon, what would their 3 Point Contest score look like, what's their high jump, and anything else that society holds in high regard as athletic achievement. I'll bet Rob Orlando could destroy some Rock Band, just because he CrossFits.

Unknown said...

Valid point. So then the comparison should be broader, Larry Fitzgerald versus Miko. Throw them through some football stuff and then some CF. I'd wager that Larry Fitzgerald would do pretty well in the CF arena. I also think that your point is correct, that Miko wouldn't be close to Fitz in the football skills.

Evan said...

I recall seeing an NFL'er doing CrossFit in 2008. If i recall he placed 96th. Granted, the position he played did not lend itself to being a svelte machine.

Unknown said...

I dunno J, knocking a 330lbs ox of a man dead square on his ass requires a good amount of skill. Pulling and being able to seal block on a linebacker that is much quicker than you, that's a big skill. Yes, they're not the total package like a LB or HB would be, but as a former QB, you really gotta appreciate those guys and what they do.

T said...

Lineman is arguably one of the most difficult skill positions in football. That's where the game is won and lost, in fractions of a second, choosing the right direction to move, protecting the QB, or clearing out a linebacker, those guys have it rough. Yeah they are big and fat, but they are also strong and fast, purpose built machines, fast feet, fast hands, quick thinkers. Knowing every blocking pattern, do i pull, do i release and go to the line backers, do i cut, probably the most underrated players on the field...

That being said, they aren't exactly "Cross Fit" fit...

T said...

Also my 15+8 was a PR I think...

Evan said...

Jason - 19+26 GR!
Evan - 18+9
Steve - 17+5 PR!
Tyler - 15+8 PR!
Sean - 15+2 PR!
Jess - 15
Keith - 14+6 PR!
Todd - 12
Matt - 10+5
Donte - 9+5
Mike T - 10 (Blue)
Vinu - 14+5 (B.Row)
Eric - 12+1 (B.Row, None-Tire PU)

Susan - 16+10 GR!
Mandi - 14 PR!
Lindsay - 13+5 (none-red, knee)
Kim - 12+15 (Red, knee)
Amee - 12+2 (Green, knee)
Julie - 11+5 (B.Row,Lt.G-knee)
Kelly - 12 (B.Row, Knee)
Rachel - 11 (B.Row, 7-8 reps PU,Red PU/ROM)

Evan said...

All updated T, thank you :)

Unknown said...

T, I'm with you on the linemen. Sure, those guys may not have the gymnastics prowess that Spealler has, but I'll bet he's not able to push a horse backwards.

Steve H said...

It's all about the hopper folks!

Football hits lots of the 10 areas of fitness no doubt, regardless of the position...well except for kicker and waterboy. In common areas, the NFL athlete can probably smoke a CF'er. Tell them to climb a 20ft rope 5x, bang out Diane, play footsy with full Cindy then book an 800m run....I'll put my vote with CF'ers.

Constantly Varying High Intensity Functional Movement is king in the 2 legged world. Besides has a CF'er shot himself in the leg or ran an illegal dogfighting club? Can't say I've heard about a CF'er pulling off one of those yet.

Evan said...

Note to self:
1) Don't let Steve find out about CFD's midnight 'Hound Pound'.
2) Wear longer shorts to hide scar.

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...