Tuesday 6/29/10



5 Rounds for time:

5 Front Squat (#185, #125)
15 Double-Unders

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Unknown said...

Oh. Hell. Yea. And I can't even do double unders very well.

Mandi said...

this is the kettlebell WOD

K said...

Y'know, I bet if we put a massive American flag on the wall Dan would finally have the strength to split jerk more than an empty bar.

Just sayin.

Unknown said...

I remember the FS/SU one. Jeez. This one should be some fun.

Unknown said...


K said...

I wasn't sure if I should have posted that or not, but I decided to go for it. I guess you could call me a...

(wait for it...)

"split jerk".

Evan said...

I think this is the fastest that our comments section has cleared the 10 comments mark.

Comments for time, 3..2..1..GO!

Pat said...

With all these comments, you'd think there were giving something away!

Unknown said...

Yeah, surprised me a lot to realize there was no parking at 5:30... Either way though, I love 13 comments by 9:30, with some good smack talk thrown in. Now Dan "Pistol" Hook needs to throw in his defense.

"Sharks have a week dedicated to him."

K said...

Chuck Norris wears Danimal pajamas?

Cameron said...

Oh how I miss hanging out with you ladies! If only you could talk the talk AND walk the walk.

I'll be back soon...

Unknown said...

So many comebacks for that one, so few are appropriate for a person you don't really know. So I will stick with a Danimal, The Most Interesting Man In CrossFit Diesel: He crushes WODs he doesn't even participate in.

Cain said...

The mainsite WOD looks awesome!

Set a cone at 20 meters. Five rounds for time of:
185 pound barbell Overhead walk, 40 meters
30 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball
95 pound barbells Farmer carry, 40 meters

The barbells must be turned around the cone.

Dillon said...

Haha, miss you guys. Ill try to stop in thursday or friday. I'm about to go embarrass myself at CFRVA in Richmond with this little doosey of a WOD in 95-100degree weather:

10 Muscle Ups
20 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
30 Handstand Push-Ups
40 Double Unders
50 Burpees
60 Box Jumps
70 Squats

Cain said...

Dude that's a sick WOD. Have fun with that. Better you than me! I was about to post a WOD from one of the CF journal videos, which was 3 rounds of 10 C&J @ 135#, 10 burpees, but now that sounds 'easy'.

K said...

OK, so I was off by one day.

Still, worth it.

Mandi said...

T 4:26
John M 6:41
Jason 7:31
Matt 7:43
Steve 9:46
Michael G 8:40 (#185x2, #155x3)
Evan 5:40 #155
Dan 7:09 #155
Brendan 7:19 #155
Keith 6:07 #135
Sean 6:10 #135
Sam 6:11 #135 (ROM)
Vinu 9:20 #135
Cain 7:06 #95, 60 singles

Mandi 5:20 #75

Mandi said...

"Strongman Murph" Team WOD

Complete for time a total of:
200M Farmers Walk per round (#75x2/#35x2)
100 Pull-ups total (#50/#10)
200 Push-ups total (#45/#10)
300 Goblet Squats total (#53/#35)
Rest station

Team: Keith, T, Cain, Mike G., Mandi
Time: 26:15

Unknown said...

"We're not worthy. We're not worthy. We're not worthy."

Jeez T...

Cain said...

I edited Lt.Murphy's wiki page, in 'other honors' to reflect crossfit's named WOD... which is pretty honorable to get. I mean it's no Congressional Medal of Honor, but it is pretty damn cool!

Cain said...

P.S. That strongman WOD was ridiculous. OUS!

Mandi said...

Hey Cain, nice job.
Murph was first posted on August 18, 2005

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

8:01 (#155)

Had to improvise... 115 on the barbell and 40 on my back for the "front squats"

Evan said...

Nice Jamison.

Come on out to a WOD sometime, so you wont have to improvise your gear!

Also I think 30+comments might be a record! Good work gang - Keep it up!