Friday 6/22/12


10 rounds for time:
50 Meter Sprint
10 Burpees
50 Meter Sprint
15 Russian Kettlebell Swings (#53/#35)

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Teresa said...

A Shishineh 16:08 (11 rounds?)
B Bush 16:28
E Davidson 16:59
T Henry 22:07
S Rana 22:16
A Solomon 23:00
H Dean 26:43

B Lessler 20:59 (35#)
G Yakaitis 25:57 (35#)
K Kuadey 27:13 (35#)
D London 25:36 (5 burpees per round)

Great class athletes.

Teresa said...

Solo 14:20
Now I KNOW you did 11 rounds. Your burpees are much faster than mine. Nice work this morning.

jshish8 said...

Teresa, yes, but your running is so much faster.
also, what is the website/WOD for the DC event Saturday?

Teresa said...

So not true!

Their website is, but it's still not posted anywhere that I see. I was expecting him to email it, but nothing yet. So far we have me, you, and Tyler I think??? We'll need another girl if we're going to take two teams. Anyone up for it? It's a 1 WOD fundraiser for Jenn Jones at District Crossfit at noon tomorrow. Please let us know if you're interested!

Evan said...

Tyler Maybe you can partner with Christy Philips? Shoot her an email.

Teresa said...

I also texted Shannon asking if she's interested. Haven't heard back yet though.

Mike T said...

5 pm
S. Fountain 19:32
J. Shrader 21:50
M. Sulllivan 23:20
I. Constandoglo 24:02(mod)
B. Cohee 19:51
K. Elliott 25:37
R. Morono 23:31

6 pm
T. Tom 16:27
S. Haulin 19:41
H.Y. Tom 16:39
Y. Schreiber 15:55(mod?)
I. 16:47
S. Stephens ??
Z. Stone 18:37
s. Wilkes 25:37
E. Park 19:20
E. Dean 26:19

Open Gym
N. London 15:28 (5bup/5Kb)

T said...

T2 - what's the deal with tomorrow, no one seems to be able to find any info on it!

Teresa said...

I never got an email about the WOD. Their website has a post about the event "Sparkle WOD" for Jenn Jones, but no details about the WOD itself. Did we get another girl???

RachelRose said...

My time was with 5 burpees per round, then I did the other 50 burpees to finally finish at 28:??.

Yvette said...

Yvette 16:17
Jason 16:26
Redid the WOD Sunday evening at a high school track.