Saturday 3/3/12

Team WOD

In teams of 2 (tagteam style) perform 3 rounds of:
50 Box Jumps (24"/20")
50 Toes to Bar
50 Wall ball (#20/#14)

Post time to comments


Evan said...

Yey butt kickers!

If you managed an Isabel during your Open WOD 12.2, would you mind posting your Isabel time (or approximate time) to comments, please?

Thank you!

jshish8 said...

I re-watched the video of mine. 2:25 to 8:59 = 6:34. It wasn't pretty...60 reps.

Brian Cohee said...

I scored 58, but did two afterwards to make it official. 2:15 to 11:45 = 9:30

jshish8 said...

Yvette, here is he article I was talking about last night on mental toughness:

Mandi said...


R Morano/A Shishineh 12:44 (Rachel HKR)
Cohees 17:23
A Rigney/ S Stephens 18:14
A Fountain/E Dean 18:38
J Shrader/N Starkweather 20:03
K Bernt/S Fountain 22:51 (kim #10wb)

Yvette said...

I got 68 at District today and I won my heat! I knew I could do 61 :)

Mandi said...

Fantastic Yvette!!!!

T said...

Nice Job Yvette!!

Susan S. said...

10 am Class (5 FP/10 DL with release)
K. Keating 8:10 45/55#
S. Wilkes 8:18 45#
R Rivera 9:15 135#
S. Fountain 10:47 85/135#
C. Parks 13:10 75#
C. Perticone 15:00 35/55/85#
R. Morano 10:40 65/115#
K. Berndt 11:40 65#/115#
K. Baranonski 10:00 45/55#
S Moore 15:00 155/155#
A. Rigney 12:59 75/125#
A. Shishineh 25:00 200/300 x 5
J. Shrader 165/215 (time?)

Way to go class!

Allen Fountain said...

Congrats Yvette!!

jshish8 said...

Kick butt Yvette! AWESOME JOB! Congrats!

Teresa said...

Awesome job girl! So sorry I couldn't make it today to cheer you on. My daughter had to be there at 9:30 this morning. I would have loved to see you do this one. Seriously, really great job. So happy for you!

RachelRose said...

Incredible Yvette!!!!!