Friday 3/2/12



21 Strict Pull-ups
21 Pistols, Right leg
21 Pistols, Left leg
15 Strict Pull-ups
15 Pistols, Right leg
15 Pistols, Left leg
9 Strict Pull-ups
9 Pistols, Right leg
9 Pistols, Left leg

Compare to 12/2/11

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New Schedule beginning next week (3/5/12)!

Rookies classes are moving to Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7pm and Wednesdays at 7am!

- We will be running a March Mobility class every Tuesday at 8pm! Come and check it out.


Mandi said...


C Zaller 11:10 (redband, redbox+#10plate)
B Lessler 13:11 (redband, redbox+#10plate)
K Kuady 14:18 (blueband, greenbox)
S Rana 14:40 (redband, redbox Left)
G Yakaitis 15:30 (greenband, greenbox)
K Faro 17:30 (redbox)

Yvette said...

Hey Teresa, I'm in the 10 am heat (the first heat) on Saturday @ District.

Michael said...

5:00 PM


D Hook 11:21 PR by 5 min
A FOuntain 11:00 modified pistols
V Kurian 14:41 mod PU and pistols


J Gipson 11:53 (body row, to blue box)

Evan said...

J. Gipson update - to Green Box (and PR!)

Evan said...

Open Gym

H Dean 15:51 (mod)
E Dean 12:01 (mod)

Teresa said...

I totally didn't realize that was Lindsey Valenzuela in the video we were watching. I thought that was the previous leader, Lindsay Taylor. Regardless, both beastly scores. Insane!

T said...

M. Gross 6:26 PR!
N. Sal 10:52
J. Hibbard 11:29 MOD
J. Shrader 14:18 MOD
J.Southworth 17:12 MOD
T. Luz 11:00 PR
S. Fountain 14:45 MOD
K.Berndt 15:35 MOD