Monday 9/12/11



3 Rounds for time:

400 m Run
21 KB Swings (53/ 35#)
12 Pull-Ups

Compare to 6/11/11

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Crossfit Diesel's 5ton5k is coming! We need volunteers for judging, sign-in, taking photo's and more. If you want to help please sign in on the bulletin board or email Evan.

or Click Here and sign up under the "Seminars" Tab :-)


jshish8 said...

Sign me up for whatever you need - guinea pig? Or maybe photographer/judge, I just got a new DSLR. If I am a judge someone can still use my camera of needed.

Mandi said...

AJ 9:26

Nice job this morning

Jason H said...

I'll volunteer for whatever as well.

Mandi said...

Awesome, thanks AJ & Jason. The more the merrier....and easier :)

Evan said...

Awesome Gang!

We're looking to get 20-24 volunteers and are up to 7 so far.

Keep em' coming!

Evan said...


Teresa 8:47 PR/ GR!!
Matt G. 9:12
Mike S. 9:41
Dan H. 10:31 PR!
Jason G. 10:32 (70#)
Evan T. 11:39 (35#)
Rachel M. 11:44 (6 Pull-Ups/ ROM)
Matt S. 12:06
Jim 12:52
Sean L. 13:10 (7 Pull-ups)

Ian R. 8:27
Chris 10:58
Kim 15:46 - 1st time RD'd!
Ian A. 18:??
Jason H. 14:04 (blue)
Shannon 15:52 (purple)
Katherine 15:00 (Blue, 18#)
Jay 17:52 (18#, B.row)

Mandi said...

Luke 9:30
Whitney 10:15 PR
Sujata 11:14 (Russian, 6PU)PR
Jesse S 11:58
Mark G 13:04 (#35, Jumping PU)

Sujata said...

Way to go Kim on your first Rxd WOD!!

RachelRose said...

Yeah go Kim! woo hooo!!

Hilary said...

Did this at home.
Subbed a 300ft vertical (versa climb) for the run.
Purple band pullups

Climbing is harder than running, I discovered. Ha.

Evan said...

The Versa Climber is a fun piece of equipment.

It always reminds me of American Gladiators