Wednesday 7/6/11



Front Squat


Compare to 5/18/11 or 11/18/09

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Dan Hook said...

From the mainsite WOD:
"45 pound barbell One-legged overhead squat"

That's just nuts.

deb said...

That is a cool photo!

Bobby Gill said...

Not with class:

Bobby 235# (PR)

Mandi said...

Thanks Deb, I get good ones some times :)

Mandi said...

Now this is silly:

RachelRose said...

Awesome Bobby! It hasn't even been 6 weeks and you PR'd reps and weight! sweet!

Bobby Gill said...

Crap, Rachel just made me realize that today's WOD is *front* squat, whereas I did *back* at the globo this morning. That's what I get for skipping out on the Diesel class...

PR is for 5x5 backsquat, not front.

Teresa said...

Do you still have the link that you put up a while back with hotel WODS or travel WODS? I have a handful that I'm doing this week, but would love some other ideas. Pretty please????

T said...


They post a out-of-town WOD with every WOD they post on their website.

Here's the list of all the body weight WOD's aka Mike Gross goes to heaven...

But my go to hotel workout is

"Gates of Hotel" - 100 squat clean dumbbell thrusters, every minute on the minute do 5 burpees. You pick the weight.

This is a fun one to play with, change the primary movement (maybe dumbbell snatch...) and the punishment movement (maybe 10 situps, or jumping jacks or something).

It'll def get your heart moving...

Mandi said...

Michael G 185 (190x4,195x3)
Vinu 185 (195x2)
Keith 175 (185x2)
Rachel M 110 (115x3)
Mandi 95
Kim 85 (90x4)

Mandi said...

Mark G. 185 (195x1)
Jeff 155
Luke 135

Sujata said...

T, you forgot to add that there is a 15 minute time limit to Gates of Hotel...Have fun T2!

RachelRose said...
Tried it tonight to mix up with cooked tuna and celery/onion/cucumber (just sneaking in the veggies)... wanted to make some homemade tuna salad. It's great!

K said...

+1 more bodyweight workout list:

Jay said...

FWIW - I did 12" box (+2 plates) - new improvement in ROM

Mandi said...

T 245
Kassim 225 (245x3)
Steve H 225 (245x1)
Jim 205
Chris 185 (192x2)
Mike T 185 PR
Rachel L 115
Jay 75 (12”box+2 #10 plates)

Mandi said...

Great job Jay! Sorry I recorded it incorrectly....all fixed now.

Sujata said...

Rachel, looks like a great mayo recipe. By the way, I was checking it out and see that the woman (Sarah xx) will be doing a Paleo seminar in Baltimore (Arenal Crossfit) on September 17th. I'm thnking of doing it...are you interested?

RachelRose said...

I'm interested if the price is right... I'd love to meet her!