Thursday 9/30/10



5 rounds for time
1 rope climb (15ft.)
10 wall ball (#20/#15)
10 hanging power snatch (#95/#65)

Post time to comments

Warrior Dash Participants

Check-in Location: Sure Shot Paintball Inc
340 Blackburn Road
Quarryville, PA 17566

1 hour and 45 minutes from Crossfit Diesel.

They recommend arriving at least 1 hour before your start time to check-in, park, warm-up and get to the starting line. If you are participating please send me an email of when your start time is, if you would like to carpool and any other information we want to orchestrate. Click here for more Warrior Details.

Irene steady and focused with the yoke walk!


Bobby Gill said...

nice pic! go mom!

Cain said...

Rachel and I did the dynamic effort workout tonight at a local gym here near Sedona. We really appreciate Evan and Mandi more with every visit to other gyms. The gym owner was a has-been crossfitter who had nothing but shit to talk, talked down to Rachel, told us there was no need for 1RM (which is short for 'I am a scaredy cat'), and he hired a personal trainer who never does squats without a smith machine because the bar may move outside the correct path otherwise. It was a great workout minus the posers! See you next week, we miss you all.

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

That race looks rad. Whose doing it?

Evan said...

Mandi and I are going to the Warrior Dash (on Saturday).

Who else? - Role Call!

Also, congratulations Melissa on your first ever rope climb! (she did 5 of them in today's WOD after learning how to lock-in the feet)

Matt said...

I'm in the 4pm Saturday wave. I've yet to do a 5k wod at Diesel, so I figured I would run one this Saturday to get a sense of how it feels. It looks like the Warrior Dash is 5k + a bunch of easy (for Diesel folk... I hope) obstacles.

Mandi said...

Thanks for the awesome comments Cain....they are always appreciated.

Matt, you will do great.

Mandi said...

Jason 10:21
Tyler 11:20
Matt 19:24 (3 full rope, 4 half rope)
Dan 12:36 (#85)
Jamison 13:58 (#85)
Steve 17:28 (#85)
Jesse 11:28 (#65)
Bobby 12:10 (#65)
Keith 15:14 (#65)
Vinu 15:26 (rope scale, #15, #65)
Todd 18:18 (#15, #65-#55)

Mandi 14:38 (#55)
Sujata 12:20 (rope scale, #10, #40)
Katie 14:07 (rope scale, #10, #40)
Melissa 11:11 (#10 to 8’, #35)

Dan Hook said...

I'm in the 3:30 wave. My family is going as well, so my car is full.

RachelRose said...

Not doing the Warrior Dash after all. And for anyone curious the guy at the gym Cain spoke of said "YOU'RE not going to the Crossfit Games, Have you SEEN those girls?, How many pull-ups can you do?, HOW old are you?" in that order. Actually it's quite funny that a complete stranger would say such things. For all he knows I could have been an elite athlete who had some babies and broke something. LOL!

T said...

that dude sounds like a total douche.