Wednesday 9/29/10




Double Unders

Compare to 7/16/10

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Crossfit and Parkour enthusiast Steven Low demonstrates a Front Lever at Primal Fitness.


T said...

I know we've done Annie more recently...

Sujata said...

Yes,T! We did it on 7/16/10.

Mandi said...

Oops, sorry guys. Thanks for catching that.

Mandi said...

T 7:31PR
Jamison 8:18 PR
Jason 9:24 PR
Evan 10:04
Jesse 11:10
John H 11:50 PR
Whitney 12:05
Bobby 11:04 (1/2 doubles)
Lisa 10:54 (singles-BB)
Lance 10:58 (singles)
Jess 11:38 (singles)
Mike T 11:39 (singles-BB)
Kate 12:57 (singles-BB)
Julie H 13:50 (singles-BB)
Irene 9:41 (singles, mod sit-ups)
Katie 13:48 (singles-BB, mod sit-ups)

T said...

what's the -BB denote?

Bobby Gill said...

BB = big bounce?

Andy said...

Andy 9:28 PR

Evan said...

Yes, BB does stand for Big Bounce

And congrats on the PRs everyone

Meghan said...

Meghan 8:42 (singles)