Thursday 7/15/10



3 Rounds for time

400m Run
21 Kettlebell Swings
12 Pull-Ups

Compare to 3/19/10

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Mandi said...

Okay, so the photographer for the Columbia Flyer wants to come back and get some crazy photo's! I am checking to see who thinks they would be able to come in this Friday at 7pm for some semi-staged photos?

Tire flipping/rope-climbing/log-carrying/pull-ups/wallball & kettlebell fun. Activities will be done solo and in groups.

T said...

I suppose it depends on what the WOD will be...

Michael said...

I can be there.

Michael said...

Can I do the rope climbs?

Mike T said...

Would anyone be interested in watching the 2010 Crossfit Games on Saturday or Sunday? I should be able to stream it live to my 55" LCD HDTV.

Cain said...

I'll be there with a hawaiian shirt and all of my shoes and my glasses (T, get the reference?.

Mandi said...

Wow, Thanks Mike! We would like to stop by.

Mandi said...

I am corresponding with the photographer to pick a date. It will most likely be a Tuesday night the 20th or 27th. We will keep you posted.

Sorry Cain, No hawian shirts. Basic Solid Colors or Crossfit Shirts are preferred.

Michael said...


So, the Photographic Phun is being rescheduled to NOT tomorrow, then?

Brian Cohee said...

As rx'd (sort of, used 55lb dumbell, run was on treadmill)

Mandi said...

Great work Brian!

Correct NO photo's tomorrow.

Evan said...

Evan - 9:49 PR!
Tyler - 10:11
John M - 10:35 PR!
Steve - 10:37
Dan - 11:12 PR!
Mike G - 11:34 PR!
Sean - 13:26
Matt - 14:43
Vinu - 13:19 (35#, red)
Shane - 15:50 (35#, PU rom)
Keith - 12:53 (Sub. PU for Burpees)

Lindsay - 12:10 PR!
Susan - 12:44
Mandi - 12:55 PR!
Sharron - 14:36 (35#)
Kim - 13:44 (18#, red)

Evan said...

On-Ramp WOD 4

10 HP Snatch
40' Walking Lunges
20 Sit-Ups

Karin 4+8 (30#)
Lisa 4+24 (20#)
Joe 4+12 (45#)
Chris 4+4 (45#)
Mike 4+10+1/2 Lunges (45#)
Terry 4+16 (45#)
Julie 5 (20#)

RachelRose said...

I did this Sat 7/17 after DL WOD and Annie WOD. Terrible time, 25:10 (1 pood, green band), but I had fun :) It was so hot, I walked for the last 400 km. I think we should do Helen on Steroids next time, watching the CF games is pretty inspiring!

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...