Friday 7/30/10





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Compare to 3/26/10

Photo by Vinu


Unknown said...

Movie's almost done, Jason.

Unknown said...

Suck it. With my board shorts.

Unknown said...

Yes J, all done. I'm a man of my word.

Mandi said...


Unknown said...

Artistic license. You were a combination of multiple characters within the crossfit community, that way all were represented. You just represented the feminine ones. Besides, you can't top a movie as trash talking. You'd have to carve your message on the moon to beat this.

Cameron said...

I would like to state for the record that I put up a 15# bench PR this morning. I challenge the rest of you sissy boys to beat that PR this evening. And no, Steve, you can not put a thumb tack in the weights and claim you got a 15.0005# PR...

Cameron said...

Come on Jason, give me a little credit here. It was a PVC pipe with 5's and 2.5's taped on each side. Geez!

Unknown said...

J, for the record, all of the perverted comments are from my character. I just re-read the script to make sure. And you cuss on occasion, so suck it up.

Steve H said...

Great job on the bench today classes and hitting new PR's!

Cameron 220 (PR by 15#)
Mandi 85
Anita 80
Lisa 65
Karin 75
Marcia 45

Cain 205 (215x1 PR)
John H 185 (195x2)
Dan 145 (155x2)
Mark 125 PR

Mike T 170 (175x2 PR)
Keith 135
Julie 85 (90 1RM)
Rachel 60 (70 1RM)
Jay 50

Steve H said...

John, absolutely hilarious! Well done sir, well done. I'm sure Evan is watching us from the crowd.

RachelRose said...

Is there really a Friday 7am WOD or was that a one-time thing? Also, can Steve coach a Sunday WOD sometime in the future? Maybe two Sundays per month?