Saturday 6/26/10


WOD - Open House Today (10am to 3pm)

Thrusters - 5, 5, 5, 5, 5

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Compare to 3/25/09

Open House Today, 10am to 3pm! Bring a friend.
If you would like to come and help with grilling, teaching folks how to do pull-ups, assisting with sign-in, climb the rock wall or just say "hello" to some new faces we would greatly appreciate it. Please see the flyer for a schedule of the day.
Thanks, CFD!


Cain said...

We have a kitten now, thanks to Lindsey and Sean. It's Rachel and my test child, minus the backtalk and teacher conferences, and being able to teach it CrossFit... or can we teach a cat to CrossFit?

Jason said...

Take it from an experience cat owner, scratch that, from an experienced cat employee - you can't teach them. It's like they say; dogs have masters but cats have staff.

Cats are coordination, accuracy, agility, balance, speed, and power specialists. They have no interest in cardio respitory endurance or stamina.

You can however provide them with the foundational block of the crossfit pyramid - Nutrition. I highly reccommend a quality food that is not grain based. Evo is one that I know of but I'm sure there are others.

Mandi said...

Here is one of my favorite cat exercise videos:

Cain said...

Check out the sick WODs on this site...

Mandi said...

Keith 115-125x1
Mike T 105PR
Rachel 50-55x4