Monday 6/27/10





(Compare to 12/2/09)

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Unknown said...

It was great seeing Meghan, Cameron, and Mike out at the Triathlon, thanks for coming out guys! It was hilarious to stare at Meghan and Cameron as I was dismounting my bike, say hi, and then finally take off my glasses and say, "Recognize me now?" :)

For a triathlon that I only did regular CrossFit for, I thought I did pretty well. If it wasn't for me forgetting my Salt Sticks in the car, I wouldn't have cramped up, but it was a great effort overall. I really didn't feel all that taxed by the race - it certainly wasn't Half and Half Fran or Recon. Officially, I came across in 2'33" and change, which wasn't my goal, but certainly was respectable for a true Clydesdale (one that is over 200lbs AND has a body fat over 18% instead of the 12% most of those guys had, just b/c they were 6'4" and 201lbs).

Mike T said...

I think that was very respectable time give all the variables (Not training for a Tri, the heat and humitiy, and your weight). Good job Man.

And I have to say YAY Deadlifts.

Mandi said...

Great work John! I will be curious to find out what your goal time was. Let's get it next time around.

Mandi said...

Well, unfortunately the Open House had low attendance. Our attempts at advertising in this fashion were clearly not the most successful. However, those that did come out seemed to have a great time. Evan and I could not have done this alone. For this we say Thank You! You guys came out and and graciously helped, talked to and encouraged the new actually do this all the time. So many many thanks, just wanted to let everyone know how much we appreciate it.

You rock....Now go lift some weights :)

Dan Hook said...

I tend to think that tape is snake oil .

Mandi said...

Yes, I have used Kenis Tape in the past for a dislocated patella. It worked, but also severly restricted my range of motion. Basically holding the knee cap tightly implace with an emphasis on stretching the tight muscles and leaving the appropriate muscles free to fire accordingly. However, once my knee began functioning properly it became more of a cruch and didn't really seem to be benefitial. It actually got in the way.

Hope this helps.

Unknown said...

Kinda needy today Jason...

Unknown said...

The best part was I PR'ed the deadlift today, a day after the tri. That's why knowing the weight of a Snickers is so valuable.

Mandi said...

Jason 430
Donte 415PR
Brendan 405
T 385
John M 375 (405x1PR)
Mike T 370PR
Kristian 345
Evan 335-350x1
John H 325
Pat 315
Steve 315
Keith 305
Matt 305
Dan 285-305x2
Eric 245
Mark 245PR
Bryan 225PR
Sam 225
Cain 215

Susan 275
Audrey 225
Leslie 225
Mandi 175
Meghan 165-175x2
Angela 165
Jess S 165
Lindsay 160
Rachel 135
Kim 110 PR
Liz 103
Kelley 75