Monday 5/10/10



As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes:

5 Handstand push-ups
10 Pistols (alternating legs)
15 Pull-ups

Compare to 12/7/09

Post rounds to comments


Dan Hook said...

What? No option to do Cindy instead?

Mandi said...

;) You got this Dan "Pistol" Hook.

T said...

Ahh a wonderful workout to return to the gym with :) Can't wait to see you guys tomorrow... though you may also see my lunch.

Unknown said...

So many comments, so few are appropriate... TWSS. :)

Jason said...

First of all, Holy Early Post Batman.

Second, I'm searching my depths for a good attitude about Mary.

L said...

Me too. Is it insane of me to say that I would prefer to repeat Saturday's WOD on Monday?

Jason said...

No, Anita, that's not insane. I too would rather repeat Saturday. Still searching for that good attitude....

Steve H said...

Is it sad when you go on vacation and during the week actually look forward to coming home to crossfit?

I'm in the same boat as T here, happy to be returning to the crew with a good WOD.

Totally bummed to have missed all the WODs from last week as they looked like fun esp. Saturday's 5 ton 5k day.

Jason said...

So the moral of the story is, shut up and do what Evan and Mandi tell you to do. My apologies to both of them for my bad attitude.

Evan said...

That's the best moral, to any story - ever!

Mike G - 11+8
Evan - 10 or 11 +12 (lost count :-(
Kristian - 9+1
Jason - 8
Tyler - 7+23
Steve - 9+8 (pole)
Dan - 6+17 (1 abmat)
John A - 9+5 (Rev HSPU, 24" Pistol)
Keith - 6+24 (1 abmat, bar)
Sean - 6+16 (Rev HSPU, Pole Pistol)
Pat - 7+8 (1 AM Rev HSPU, 18# Ptl)
Dillon - 6 (1 abmat, pole)
John H - 5+20 (Blue/green, Pole)
Derek - 7+15 (1 abmat, pole, Bl/Grn)
Bryan - 5+5 (10 min, Scaled all)

Meghan - 7 (2 abmat, pole, red)
Lindsay - 7 (PU, Heel Ptl, Red)
Kim - 6+17 (PU, Blue, 18# Ptl)
Anita - 7+11 (Knee PU, 18" Ptl, Green)

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...


Scaled HSPU with feet on table.
Scaled pistols with a chair at the bottom of range.

Mandi said...

Jamison! How are ya?