Saturday 5/8/10


CrossFit Diesel's
"5 Ton 5K"
(aka - "the beating")

17 Deadlift (225/ 160#)
1000 m Run
17 Front Squat (135/ 85#)
1000 m Run
17 Power Clean (135/ 85#)
1000 m Run
20 Thruster (70/ 50#)
1000 m Run
20 Power Snatch (70/ 50#)
1000 m Run

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Unknown said...

Oh. No. Donte, I've purchased the beer. Wow...

L said...

Wow. I guess us ladies still go the 5k and not the 3k?

Evan said...

Correct Anita, unless scaling.

The ladies Rx'd load = 3.4 tons

so it would be the ladies "3+ Ton / 3+ Miler"

(and now the picture is up, thank you for your patients - who knew converting a MDI to Jpeg would have so many hoops!)

L said...

I'd thought I'd try. No scaling though. The 3+ Ton/3+ Miler sounds better than the 3+ Ton/2.1 Miler. Oops, I think I just committed myself there.

K said...

Evan opted for the metric ton; which means an 'extra' 1200 or so pounds for us yankees. I wouldn't expect anything less.

5Km/5Kg. Here's hoping it doesn't take 5Ks to complete.

K said...

Upon further introspection, that's 5Km/5Mg.

5 megagrams. I blame that on the alcohol.

Evan said...

Megagrams? Sounds like a vitamin-packed graham cracker.

I too blame the alcohol; But for what, I do not know.

Evan said...


John M - 37:16
Evan - 38:02
Jason - 39:12
Dan - 40:22
Todd - 36:00 (135, 75, 75, 50, 50)
Mike T - 42:21 (.68#, 1000 m - 800 m)

Anita - 43:49
Mandi - 38:12 (135, 75, 75, 40, 40)

Unknown said...

I like the team room idea. I've had quite a few drinks this way, and I've even had to pay out plenty. If we can find a refrigerator I'm all for it, but you have to pay the first penalties for that mustache you had back in February.

Unknown said...

If by secret thoughts you mean, "Why doesn't he ever wash his face?" then you are correct sir, and I will pay the penalty for the ~23 days that I thought this. And then I'll pay a beer for not warning T that he was about to run off the course during Griff.

Anonymous said...

Oh my....

John I could not make it, my son's flag football game conflicted with the workout. That said I wish I could have been there, even knowing I was about to die. BUT the fact that there would beer at the end would drive me to complete this. Great time on your workout!!!

Pat said...

I really hope we see this again very soon. I have several coworkers in VA that are actually willing to make the trip up for this and that NEVER happens.