Saturday 5/1/10



4 rounds for time

400 m Run
50 Squats

Compare to 9/24/09

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Evan said...

Evan - 11:52
Dan - 12:02
Jason - 13:38
Steve - 13:39
Jess - 14:07
Keith - 15:24 PR
Kim - 16:19
John M. - 16:20
Anita - 16:29
Mike T. - 17:08

Pat said...

Tabata who? Meet Mack!

I went and did the CFE WOD from yesterday.

2mi run
Do 20:10 x Distance Until Completion. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Complete stop/rest on the 10 second rest period.

Took me 21 minutes almost exactly, which means I did 20:10x42! That was definitely brutal. You'll see my heart rate was up over 180 (>90% Max HR) for the duration of the workout.

I earned a bowl of ice cream.

Unknown said...

Nah Jason, I was VOUCHING for you. Mandi noted that you didn't put your body weight, and we all agreed that you would have had the integrity to put that you're not 185# if you weighed more than you were lifting. Either way though, that does add about a hundred pounds to your total if you recalculate the scores.

Unknown said...

Have they recently told you that you're dying or something? You seem to be getting soft as of late.