Saturday 5/1/10



4 rounds for time

400 m Run
50 Squats

Compare to 9/24/09

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Evan said...

Evan - 11:52
Dan - 12:02
Jason - 13:38
Steve - 13:39
Jess - 14:07
Keith - 15:24 PR
Kim - 16:19
John M. - 16:20
Anita - 16:29
Mike T. - 17:08

Jason said...

For the record, John; since you questoned me, after Saturday's workout I returned home, drank water, ate a 5 egg omelette, and weighed in at 186.4 lbs.

Pat said...

Tabata who? Meet Mack!

I went and did the CFE WOD from yesterday.

2mi run
Do 20:10 x Distance Until Completion. 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off. Complete stop/rest on the 10 second rest period.

Took me 21 minutes almost exactly, which means I did 20:10x42! That was definitely brutal. You'll see my heart rate was up over 180 (>90% Max HR) for the duration of the workout.

I earned a bowl of ice cream.

Unknown said...

Nah Jason, I was VOUCHING for you. Mandi noted that you didn't put your body weight, and we all agreed that you would have had the integrity to put that you're not 185# if you weighed more than you were lifting. Either way though, that does add about a hundred pounds to your total if you recalculate the scores.

Jason said...

It's ok, John. I was just messin with you. I apologize.

Unknown said...

Have they recently told you that you're dying or something? You seem to be getting soft as of late.

Jason said...