Friday 7/15/11


CrossFit Diesel Total

Up to 2 attempts for Max Rep

1.5x bw Back Squat
1x bw Clean & Jerk (Touch & Go)
2x bw Deadlift


5-5-5 of each lift above

Post Load (or Multiplier x bw if scaling), Reps per move, & Total to comments
(Ex: 265 x 11, 175 x 11, 350 x 11 = 33 total)
(or scaled Ex: 1.2 x 7, 0.8 x 7, 1.8 x 7 = 21 total)

(Compare to 3/12/11 and 3/31/11)

Image of Austin Malleolo courtesy of


Teresa said...

Back Squat/C&J/DL
Chris: 1.25x10(240)/.7x7(135)/1.75x7(335)
Kim (5 rep max): 100 (105x3)/60/135
Sheila (5 rep max): 125/75/175

Great class this morning.

Sarah said...

I am bummed I'm missing this one...but I'm not bummed I'm going on vacation! See y'all in a week or two!

whitney said...

I forgot to write down my weights! Remembered when I pulled out!


BS: 150
C&J: 90
DL: work on straight back (@95 lb)


Evan said...

5:00 PM

Jason G 275x8/ 185x4/ 365x13
Rx Total = 25 (all PRs!)
Dan H 205*X5/ 166x4 pr!/ 335x3
Rx Total = 7
Keith 205*x5/ 115*x5/ 310x9 PR
Rx Total = 9
Whitney 150*x5/ 90*x5/ 95x5x10x15
Meghan 145*5/ 85*x5/165*x5

* denotes heavy 5 (or non-Rx'd load)

6:00 PM

Jason S 277.5x20/ 185x4/ 370x10
Rx'd Total = 34 (all PRs!)
Kassim 285x21/ 190x4/ 380x3
Rx'd Total = 28
Teresa 185x15/ 125x4/ 225*x14 (1.8)
Rx'd Total = 19
Susan 185x11 pr!/ 83*x?/ Speedx185*
Rx'd Total = 11
Yvette 145*x5/ 83*x5/ 185*x6 (1.4)

Jason said...

Holy cow. Some freaky numbers. Yikes.

Jason Schreiber, HKC said...

I am coming for you guys on the wall. Looking at you Jason, Tyler, and Kassim:)