Sunday 7/15/12

Adrian Bozman, head judge at the games) in 2007 

In Celebration of the Triathlon at the Games:

Will include: 
700 yards for time
with 15-minute mercy kill

And other unknowns and unknowables...

Meet at the front desk of the supreme sports club at 0900AM.  Please bring $7 to pay for guest pass if you are not a columbia association member.


Yvette said...

This intrigues me Brian :)

T said...


Next swim WOD - assuming I am within 150 miles - I am there.

RachelRose said...

150 miles!!!?? Cute.

Brian Cohee said...

#1: 700 yard swim for time (15 min cutoff)
Whitney: 10:13
Lauren: 12:10
Yvette: 650 yards


25yard butterfly stroke swim (or sub if needed)
15 seconds treading water (or 15 push ups if on shallow end)
25yard swim
15 air squats
25 yard swim carrying a 5 or 10 lb dumbbell

Whitney: 7:05 (10#)
Lauren: 7:10 (5#)
Yvette: 10:01 (5#)

Yvette's quote of the day: "I'm never coming to a swim WOD again!"

Great work ladies!

Yvette said...

The next time I feel intrigued I'll take it as a warning instead. That swim WOD was the hardest CF WOD I've ever done. T and AJ if u truly wanna say u are super CrossfFitters then u gotta survive a swimming WOD w/ Brian.
Thanks Brian for kicking my butt. I should probably keep coming since it was so tough.

Oh and BTW Whitney is a beast in the water.