Friday 7/20/12


3 rounds for time:

8 Split Snatch (#115/#75)
7 Bar Muscle-up
400 Meter Run

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Chris said...

1600 m run
15 squats
800 m run
30 squats
400 m run
45 squats
200 m run
60 squats


Teresa said...

Thank you for taking those athletes out to do a running WOD. I had an emergency this morning and was unable to reach Mandi or Evan on short notice so that one of them could cover for me. My apologies for any inconvenience. I owe you!

Chris said...

It was a group effort, I just documented it.

We hope everything is okay with you.

Mandi said...

A Shishineh 9:44
B Cohee 11:54
M Gross 10:30 mod
K Palmisano 14:30 mod
A Fountain 14:11 mod
K Elliott 15:29 mod
V Kurian 16:08 mod
R Morano 16:50 mod

J Schreiber 13:10 mod
Y Schreiber 13:15 mod
Z Stone 15:10 mod
J Staman 16:39 mod
HY Tom 16:45 mod
S Fountain 18:43 mod
E Dean 20:07 mod
D London 21:31 mod
N London 21:57 mod

whitney said...

Glad to know your okay!! We were worried! :) hope all is well!

Neale said...

Did this one on July 28th @ 1900 on Fort Meade (Gaffney Track):

13:21 (MOD, 95# split snatch, everything else RX'd)