Monday 6/25/12


3 rounds for time:
800 meter run
40 sit-ups
40 kettlebell swings (#53/#35)

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Yvette said...

Are the swings Russian or American style for this WOD?

BTW I redid the WOD from Friday, Sunday evening at a track close to home and got a time of 16:17. Since I miscounted Friday evening I made sure I had a system to keep track this time. Also, I convinced Jason to do the WOD w/ me and he got a time of 16:26.

Accessory Eddie said...

New to this. Should I be posting my times on here for these WODs if we do them separately anyways?

Double with Yvette on are these going to be Das Ruskis or Americano Swings?

Evan said...

For CrossFit, Kettlebell swing refers to the overhead style swing.

When we do a different style, we'll be sure to preface the movement with a descriptive term.

Teresa said...

A Shishineh 19:21
B Bush 19:36
Y Schieber 24:34
T Henry 25:14

D London 23:39 (400m/round)
G Yakaitis 26:49 (35#)

jshish8 said...

Zatsiorsky, Scaling, and Power. (cool article if you've got a minute to read).

Yvette said...

I liked the after party today. It made me really aware of my body position. :)

Evan said...

5:00 pm

T.Luz 18:27
A.Fountain 22:30
C.Dorsey 22:41
J.Staman 23:58
M.Davidson 24:31
J.Greco 24:58
M.Gerwig 26:18

Evan said...

6:00 pm

I.Reid 19:23
T.Tom 20:11
H.Y.Tom 20:56
S.Fountain 22:26
S.Hulin 22:38
J.Southworth 23:34
I.Comstandoglo 24:20
T.Crane 24:45
A.Ahn 25:06
K.Elliott 25:51
M.Ruiz 27:01
L.Sanciango 27:21
R.Morano 29:41

Mike T said...

7:00 pm

H. Dean 3+50m
A. Taylor 3+35
J. Rojas 3+100m
S. Wilner 2+31(500m Row)
C. Kingwood 2+25
R. Foutz 3+30
T. Curtis 2+28
J. Thrift 3+25

Evan said...

Yes twinkie, feel free to post away :-)