Tuesday 5/1/12

Heavy WOD

(Ramp) Deadlift


Compare to: 10/31/11

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jshish8 said...

Also compare:

Teresa said...

A Shishineh 365 (PR!)
D Weyrauch 325 (PR!)
S Hettinger 305 (PR!)
K Kuadey 245 (PR)
B Lessler 250 (PR!)
G Yakaitis 215 (PR!)
M Boyd 135
R Morano 125x5s (MOD)

Rachel L. said...

So for anyone that is interested, Yvette and I have signed up to do the Tour Dem Parks, Hon ride (not race) on our bikes Sunday, June 10th.

It is very laid back and fun so if you are interested in joining us use the following link to sign up!

The more the merrier!



Mandi said...

5:00 pm

T.Tom 445 PR!
J.Goss 425
K.Palmisano 370
M.Sullivan 365
S.Hulin 345x2
T.Luz 310 PR!
M.Gerwig 305
K.Faro 285 PR!
M.Gross 245 (Bench)
S.Rana 165
C.Dodge 120

T said...


M. Treas 385
J. Southworth 375 PR!!!
K. Ahn 315 PR!
V. Kurian 300x2
C. Twaddle 275x5
S. Fountain 255 PR! (20lbs!!!)
R. Lieberman 235
Y. Schreiber 225x5x5
J. Gipson 220 PR!
O. Nunn 200
L. Roque 200

Mandi said...


D London 425
J Shrader 315
R Rivera 305
J Harrington 265x2
E Dean 245 PR
A Rigney 215
A Rager 215 PR
HY Tom 205x5 tech
L Brown 195 PR
K Berndt 180
K Baranowski 180

RachelRose said...

H Dean post urs from this am, if u wanna. Must have forgotten in all that rowing excitement...