Tuesday 4/17/12

Front Squat


Post loads to comments

Compare to 2/8/12

Mobility Class tonight at 8pm
Way to go Hilary!


Evan said...


Load# (F)ixed (R)amped

A.Shishineh 220 (R) PR!
S.Hettinger 205# (F)
C.Twaddle 165 (R)
D.Weyrauch 155 (R) PR!
K.Kuadey 135# (F)
B.Lessler 135# (F) PR!

H.Dean 120 (R)
S.Rana 95 (F)

Sujata said...

Sam, what was the movie! I left without ever finding out!

Chris said...

To spoil it for Sam I looked it up, and according to Wikipedia it was used in the opening credits for the CBS television series Tour of Duty.

I don't remember ever hearing of it.

Sujata said...

Thanks Chris! Like you, I've never heard of the show..

Steve H said...


PR's across the board for the whole class!!!
S Matthews 200 (R)PR!
K Palmisano 195 (R)PR!
A Fountain 255 (R)PR!
A Middleton 100 (R)PR!
S Hulin 220 (R)PR!
T Luz 200 (R)PR!

Neale said...

6:00 pm

S. Fountain 95(F)
V. Kurian 165(F)
J. Hibbard 195(R)PR!
J. Southworth 215(R)PR!
D. London 225(R)PR! + 255x1
J. Gipson 75(F)
S. Stephens 160(R)PR!

Evan said...

7:00 pm

M.Stephen 205 PR! (R)
M.Treas 195 PR! (205x1)
J.Shrader 195 PR! (R)
L.Brown 155 (160x3)
E.Dean 115 (F)

HY.Tom 140 (R)
Y.Schreiber 135 (F)
R.Leiberman 125 (F)
K.Baranowsky 120 (R)
A.Rigney 110 (115x4)
S.Wilks 100 (R)