Friday 4/27/12

Power Outage


Deadlift (>100 Wilks)
Burpee + Candlestick
Thruster (>40 Wilks)

Us a Wilks Calculator to determine the minimum Rx'd load for this workout.

You may, of course go heavier than the minimum Rx'd.  Alternatively, you may need to modify to lighter than the Rx'd load

Here is a link to an online Wilks Calculator


jshish8 said...

One or two bars?

Dan Hook said...
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jshish8 said...

Dan, divide the number from the original page by 1,000 and that is the reference number. I.e. >100 or >40

Dan Hook said...

That calculator was giving me insane numbers (scores in the tens of thousands). This calculator gave better results, but it's in kilos.

Dan Hook said...

Oh, those silly Europeans, using a comma where the right thinking world would use a decimal.

Evan said...

Dan and AJ - Exactly right, the coma should be a decimal. Other than that, it's a great calculator.

This is a 2 bar WOD

Evan said...

7:00 AM

A.Shishineh 7:00
K.Palmisano 19:43 (-1mu per round)
D.London 15:07 (mod)
K.Kusdey 13:57 (mod)
B.Cope 13:55 (mod)
G.Yakaitas 16:45 (mod)
R.Morono 16:33 (mod)
S.Hettinger 21:45 (mod)
B.Lessler 17:48 (mod)
H.Dean 20:30 (mod)

Evan said...

5:00 pm

D.Hook 14:54
B.Cohee 13:09 (92/48 wilks)
M.Davidson (red)
V.Kurian (87/37 Wilks)
T.Luz 7:13 135/42 Wilks
L.Cohee 13:36 (80/36 Wilks/mod)

6:00 pm

S.Fountain 12:25 (205 dl/ 70 fs)
E.Dean 9:41 (195/90/green)
J.Schrader 12:37 (95/40 wilks)
E.Davidson 16:17 (MOD)
M.Treas 19:19 (345 rx'd/ 95#/ mod)

Mandi said...

Kwame 185 DL

Mandi said...

M.Davidson 11:35?? (red) I think.

Klaussdsdsd said...


I am the author of, and I fixed the silly European decimal bug, you discovered. :)