Tuesday 3/13/12


"Michael" - Variation

3 RFT:

Run 800 meters
50 Russian Swings (53/ 35#)
50 Sit-ups

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Compare to: 4/5/11

Mike G and Gavin

Schedule Reminder:
Mobility class tonight at 8pm!


RachelRose said...

At a complete loss for words... Those eyes, that hair, those cheeks, I think I'm in love.

T said...

The baby is pretty cute too...

Teresa said...

A Shishineh 20:15
S Rana 24:22
E Davison 24:40
H Dean 31:38

S Moore 21:45 (MOD)
B Lessler 29:55 (800m, 35#)

Michael said...


Thanks. That photo was taken at Thanksgiving. Gavin's hair is even more amusingly wild now.



Sujata said...

Gorgeous Gavin - crazy hair, big eyes...what's not to love?!

Teresa said...

So, they posted Kristan's video on the Games site. Phenomenal work. Several comments on the standards with the BJs and T2B. You'll have to watch for yourself. Compare it to Emily Bridgers from Crossfit Decatur, who got 534 reps. Her video is here:
Freakin' amazing. The girl is a beast. Sitting in 5th place overall right now. She'll be one to watch for sure.

Max W said...


M Sullivan 26:27
M Stephen 21:10
A Middleton 23:41 (MOD)
A Fountain 20:58
M Willoughby 22:23
S Hulin 24:26

Teresa said...

J Dorsey 19:31
J Gober 20:18
I Reid 20:31
S Fountain 23:00
A Stein 24:10 (35#?)
M Davidson 24:24
J Southworth 25:38
M Treas 25:47 (800/400/800, 35#)

Cohee6 said...


L. Cohee 21:19 (track, wo stroller)

Mandi said...


S Stephens 15:14 mod
T Luz 18:53 PR
T Tom 20:11
HY Tom 20:46 mod
J Shrader 23:19
K Berndt 23:33
J Gipson 23:52 mo
R Lieberman 24:58
A Rigney 26:29
Y Gorodikiy 27:14
E Dean 28:03

Yvette said...

T, I love how Emily does her T2B.

Teresa said...

I'm glad you watched that. I was in awe. She is a badass! Her standards are exactly where they should be.

T said...

Holy crap - Bridgers is an animal! Thanks for sharing that T2. It's definitely interesting seeing the difference between her and Clever. One of the things I was most amazed by in Clever's video - how much she rested. In Bridgers - how ridiculously tight her standards were - def a force in 2012!