Friday 3/9/12


Complete 1 round through for time:

20 Calorie Row
30 Burpee Box Jumps
40 Kettlebell Swing (#53/#35)
50 Push-ups
40 Squats
30 Lunges
20 Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls (#53/#35)

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Please submit your scores from WOD 12.3 to the Games page!


Rachel L. said...

I just registered to volunteer for the mid atlantic regional in prince George's county from may 4-6. If you are interested in volunteering too go to the following link and sign up! I did it last year and it was a lot of fun!

Rachel L. said...


Teresa said...

B Bush 9:18
B Lessler 18:36 (35#)

S Rana 14:47 (Russian)
C Zaller 16:55 (25#KBS)

Evan said...

Good Video on rep Efficiency on the Journal.

It covers everything we try to convey with cycling barbell repetitions.

Michael said...

5:00 PM


J Harrington 12:12 (35 lb, mod)
S Matthews 17:17
B Cope 16:07


T Luz 15:30 (mod)
C Dodge (mod)
R Lieberman 15:12 (mod)

Max W said...


T Tom 11:17
M Gross 12:38 (MOD)
J Gober 10:04
S Fountain 14:58
J Shrader 13:00
K Berndt 16:14
A Stein 15:28 (MOD)
M Treas 13:04 (MOD)
V Kurilen 13:52 (MOD)
H Dean 16:51 (MOD)
J Gipson 19:19 (MOD)
R Morano 18:14

Pat said...

Stumbled upon this WOD. Feels good on a Friday morning.