Friday 12/2/11



21 Strict Pull-ups
21 Pistols, Right leg
21 Pistols, Left leg
15 Strict Pull-ups
15 Pistols, Right leg
15 Pistols, Left leg
9 Strict Pull-ups
9 Pistols, Right leg
9 Pistols, Left leg

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skeeler said...

May the pistols be divided up, left and right?

Teresa said...

AJ 5:58 (alternating)
Jim 9:45 (red box + 1 plate)
Jerome 10:43 (no alternating)
Matt 11:28 (no alternating, pole)
Whitney 13:50 (12 without band, remaining purple, no alternating)
Hil 14:28 (green, red box, 2 feet to stand)
Rachel M. 22:55 (21 red, remaining blue, Left pistols Rx'd, Right to red box + 1 plate)

Mandi said...

Great question Michael. Hopefully the updated posts provides the answer.

skeeler said...

Thanks for clarifying, Mandi. I hope to see you there tonight.

Evan said...

I like the Rob O. video on .com today. Validation of the Plate math approach!

(now if he would just catch the bar in a squat...)

Mandi said...

Michael G 6:32
Amy 13:04 (green, pole)
Ian A 15:07 (12"box alternating)
Keith 16:35 (12"+plate)
Tony G 16:55 (green, pole)

Teresa 11:04
Susan 11:40
Mike T 12:40 (red/tire)
Steve 12:59
Jay G 13:51 (BodyRow, 20"box)
Mandi 14:44 (purple)
Hoi Yee 14:45
Shannon 15:34 (red-blue, 12"+plate)
Kim 18:09 (red, 12"box)

T said...

I liked Rob O's validation that kicking your water bottle and throwing chalk helps :)

Dan Hook said...

My only excuse is that I had to use a lat pull down machine set to 200 lbs in order to do pull ups.