Wednesday 2/8/12


Squat Clean

Compare to: 3/3/11

Front Squat

Compare to: 7/6/11

Post best loads to comments


Allen Fountain said...

Me and Shannon just joined the team and finished registering for the Tough Mudder. Looking forward to it! Thank you for organizing it Yvette!

Rachel L. said...

Yvette, I'm all signed up for tough mudder too!! I'm excited that we will have a strong team!

Yvette said...

I'm so excited guys that we have a great team forming for the Mudder :) Go Shannon!! You'll have fun. I promise :)

Jason H said...

One more in for the Tough Mudder.

Matt said...

And another mudderer right here.

Josh said...

and me...

Mandi said...

You guys rock :)

Shannon said...

Thanks, Yvette. :) I'm sure it will be a muddy good time.

Jake said...

I am going to design some shirts if people are interested we can wear during the tough mudder run. This is an event for people to just have fun working out and working through the obstacles. A lot of other teams/people dress up in costumes and wear funny things. The Crossfit Virginia squad last October in VA had team shirts. So if people have interest in shirts let me know. I have a close friend that works at Under Armor that could hook us up!!

Yvette said...

We 100% need shirts!! Thanks Jake :) Nice BRIGHT ones

Mandi said...


A Fountain 195 (205x2)/250
J Goss 205/185
J Harrington 185/205
A Shishineh 185/185
D Hook 175 (185x2)/175
J Gober 170/165
K Faro 125 (135x1)/155
S Hulin Dumbbell snatch/215
T Luz Dumbbell snatch/185
R Lieberman Dumbbell snatch/125

T said...

6PM (Sq.Clean*3/F.Squat*5)
Vinu (165 PR!/185x2) [185x2 sq.cln]
M Treas (105/185)
T Braglio (205/225) [215x2 sq.cln]
H Dean (83/103) [93x2 sq.cln]
K Berndt (90/95) [95x1 sq.cln]
S Fountain (95/110) [100x1 sq.cln]

Mandi said...


T Tom 235/
S Stephens 125/135
Y Schreiber 125/135
HY Tom 115 (125x2)/125 (135x2)
E Dean 115/95