Wednesday 2/15/12


Turkish Get Up

Log Clean & Strict Press

Max Rep Atlas Stone
2:00 minutes (any load)


jshish8 said...

Anyone interested in the Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Challenge? It looks like teams of 6 (3 males and 3 females), the event is on April 14th & 15th @ CF BWI.

Rachel L. said...

We should definitely get a team together for this! I would love to do it but I am not sure if I can be completely helpful with my arm right now.... so we need all the other great ladies in the gym to step up! :)

Yvette said...

AJ I'm in :)

T said...

TGU/Log c+p x3/AMRAPx2 Stone
D. Hook 55/105(115x2)/6@115
K. Faro 55/115/7@95
T. Luz 93/95/22@95
K. Palmisano 65/85/6@115
S. Matthews 75/100/13@115
A. Shishineh 95/125/x
I. Reid 105/125/15@150

K. Kovacs 55/65/12@65
E. Davidson 105/105/10@95
C. Twaddle 85/85/8@95
H. Dean 55/75/25@30
J. Hibbard 95/100/10@115
M. Treas 45/100/12@65
S. Fountain 55/70 (75x2)/10@65
R. Morano 50/60/12@45
J. Southworth 85/?/9@115
K. Berndt 40/55/16@45

T. Tom 130PR!/135(165x1)/11@150
C. Dean 16/85/10@45
M. Stephen 85/105/12@95

Susan S. said...

AJ, I just signed up for a Crossfit Level 1 cert which is that same I am out.

T said...

AJ I'm Game.