Thursday 2/16/12


2011 Games Open - wod 2


9 Deadlifts (155/ 100#)
12 Push-ups
15 Box jumps (24/ 20#)

Compare to: 3/30/11

Article: Hell or High Water: Teresa Luz

Coming Next Month:

March 17th 2012 / Click the link Above to Register!


T said...

FYI - pretty sure the girl in the pic was 14 and competed at the games in '08...

RachelRose said...

Hand release push ups?

Allen Fountain said...

Anyone interested in teaming up for the marathon relay for the North Face Endurance Challenge? It's only 6.5 miles with 4 people.

Yvette said...

Allen, when is this??

Allen Fountain said...

June 2-3. The relay is on the 2nd, but there are other events all weekend. Not sure why the link posted all weird. I'll try posting it again.

Yvette said...

Hmm.. I might be interested. Let me know if you get 2 others. I've never done a trail run for an organized race :)

RachelRose said...

Cool Allen! I signed up for the North Face 50K last year but for some reason did not do it, can't remember why... I also almost did a Ragner Relay with a group of Bobby Gill's running friends last year but did not for various reasons, none related to running.
So, I'd love to join your team.
Did you sign up already? Is Shannon gonna do it?

Yvette, I've done several long organized trail races and they are really fun!! The more experienced trail runners I've met say it is more fun then road marathons because it is not as competitive and there is more runner camaraderie. There is still always a winner though! (and prizes!)

RachelRose said...

Allen, just to clarify, I didn't sign up for that Ragner Relay I mentioned, I just considered it.

T said...

For those interested...

Last year's Mid Atlantic Open #1 and #60 wod 2 finishers.

#1) Henry Lopez - 16 +10
#60) Deric Maruquin - 12+7

T said...

AJ in case you don't check yesterday's post - I'm game for the BWI team comp.

Teresa said...

Yep, that's Kalista. That year, there was an awesome video of her doing that WOD (C&J's I believe, at her BW or damn close to it). She dropped it on her shins once and kept going. One of the most touching videos.

Mandi said...

7am Butt kickers!

A Shishineh 10+16
K Kovacs 5+34
B Lessler 4+12
A Solomon 4+21 (#135)

jshish8 said...

Great, so we have 3/6 (2 males and 1 female so far). We still need 1 more guy and 2 more gals! Registration is open on Feb. 24th.

KaseAnne said...

I'd be in if I were still here in April! Dang it.

Jamison Peter Hibbard said...

Allen, that relay looks fun. Im going to find out if I can do it.

Allen Fountain said...

Cool, glad to see there's some interest in the marathon relay.

So far its:
Jamison (maybe)

Keep 'em coming, we can make more than 1 team if we need too. I haven't registered a team yet, and I'll hold off until next week to see if we get more people and if we need more than 1 team.

Rachel L. said...


I'll do the relay as well, as long as we can get enough people to field a second relay team! :)

RachelRose said...

Incredible article on Teresa!! Everyone should read it. I love the last thing she says about someone is always out there training harder. Teress I know u must fear your competition, but good God I sure hope they fear you!

RachelRose said...

Sorry for the mis-spell on the last post TeresA! ;)

Mandi said...


B. Cope - 5+6
M. Gross - 6 (MOD #95 FS, PU, 30")
J. Dorsey - 8+29
D. Hook - 7+9
K. Faro - 6+4
P. Backman - 7+9
S. Hulin - 7+29
T. Luz - 11+23 (MOD - Strict DB PU's)

Michael said...



J Harrington 8 rounds + 2 reps
J Schreiber 6 (225 lb)
N Starkweather 6 + 3
T Tom 11 + 22 PR
J Shrader 8
J Southworth 6 + 28
J Hibbard 8 + 14
M Willoughby 9 + 31 PR
J Buford 10 + 9


R Lieberman 7 (24 sit-ups)
C Dodge 7 + 21 (modified)
S Fountain 8 + 11
A Middleton 6 + 20
K Berndt 6 + 32
S Rana 6 + 35
A Rigney 7 + 9
M Davidson 8
U Schreiber 9 + 7
I Gill 6 + 17 (9 GHD sit-up)

Cohee6 said...


B. Cohee 9+13 (PR)
L. Cohee 8+24

Michael said...

7PM Rookies!

Face off!
G. Yakaitis 34/39
S. Stephens 40/47
M. McDonald 42/53
R. Rivera 36/41
D. Weyrauch 30/40
M. Jones 31/37

Yvette said...

Umm Mike my name starts w/ a Y not a U :) I forgive you. BTW awesome job Lauren!!!

Oh and Max you should be the 3rd guy on the team for the BWI CF competition in April.

Hoi_Yee said...

Teresa- the article's AWESOME, and it's great that the word is out that you're a force to be reckoned with. I'm glad to see that your hard work this past year is being recognized, but the best is still yet to come!!

Teresa said...

Thank you so much for the kind words and support. It means so much!