Saturday 2/4/12


Back Squat

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Yvette said...

Okay everyone interested in the Tough Mudder... I have chosen the September 8th ,Mid-Atlantic, Saturday race @ 10:20. This location is way closer than the May race and only $95(before mandatory insurance and processing fee) if we register before February 7th.

Team Name: Diesel
Password: Columbia

RachelRose said...

Cool! Thank u Yvette for organizing this!! For anyone who may need to know, it is only $30 to change event date if something comes up that prevents you from going ( ie. illness, pregnancy, etc.). I really like this since registration is non-refundable and non-transferable. Yvette, team size can be up to 20 or more... there are actually discounts given after the event based on team size, this is on the q&a page. Anyone who is thinking of doing this but is worried about the distance I hear from someone (I won't mention names but I think he goes by 'T') that it is not necessary to have ever run more than a couple of miles prior to this event. As long as u CrossFit you can do this. Also, you are allowed to skip an obstacle course if u are really unable to do it (ie. if you have an injury and don't want to do a certain movement.) It's meant to be fun, not mind boggling.

Go Team Diesel!!!

Evan said...

9:00 am

B Cohee 275 PR / 125
A Fountain 275 (PR!) / 115
T. Luz 220 / 75x10
K Palmisano 185x8/90
S Fountain 160/75
L Cohee 140/60
K Kovics 120/65
K Berndt 125/55
A Middleton 130/45

Evan said...

10:00 Rookies

S Mathews 115# / 5:30
R Rivera 115# / 5:35
R Wallace 95# / 5:45
S Fountain 75 & 165 / 10:43
K Berndt 65 & 135 / 11:52
Nate 135# / 4:47
A Solomon 105# / 7:30
G Brooks - No Data
K Starkweather 35 / 6:30
K Starkweather - No Data

jshish8 said...

A.Shishineh 215PR/130PR