Monday 2/27/12


Three rounds for time of:

300 meter row
20 Wallball (#20/#14)
10 Pull-ups

Post time to comments


Yvette said...

I like how this WOD seems nice and easy :) I hope it feels the way it looks.

BTW Teresa congrats on 110 burpees :) I'm scared for what's next.

Mandi said...


B Bush 6:53 (pu-rom)
A Shishineh 7:22
S Rana 11:55 (#10,purple)
G Yakaitis 13:45 (#14,blue)
B Lessler 13:43 (#14)
H Dean 15:57 (green)

Chris said...

My back got worse last week so I went to a Dr. His diagnosis was that I had a disc herniation. Some of you had given me recommendations before, but I was wondering if that changes anything or if anybody had any experience with this.


jshish8 said...

This WOD feels kind of like the burpee WOD last week. ;) At least for me, my quads were on fire.

Sujata said...

My time is actually 11:35. I'm not that good at math but when I have to do a WOD and math first thing in the morning:), it's awful! Yvette, this WOD is "easy" if you're good at pacing yourself consistently instead of gasping for air in between each movement!

Evan said...

Chris, I recommend booking some 1-on-1's with Mandi.

I'll shoot you an email about it.

Hilary said...

Great WOD

Hilary said...


My hubby Eric dealt with a pretty severe herniation several years ago. A sequence of steroid injections eventually took care of it (but it took a while, and he was in a lot of pain meanwhile). He still has to be extra careful to lift with good form (in and out of the gym).
If you want to talk to him and learn what he knows, e-mail me your address, I'll put you in touch.
Speedy healing in any case.

Hilary Dean

Max W said...


J Dorsey 8:10
A Fountain 7:50
J Goss 7:14
M Gross 10:43
M Sullivan
Y Schreiber 11:00
R Morano 11:59
A Middleton 12:01
M Willoughby 7:40
K Faro 10:29
P Backman 9 something

RachelRose said...

Prpl band
Chris, I hope it is mild, sorry to hear :(. Cain had an awesome physical therapist here in Columbia that did terrific work with him, I will post his name when he gets home.
Steve, thanks for getting us all on the coolest device ever, all hail the GHD!

Max W said...


T Tom 7:36
J Shrader 8:48
R Lieberman 10:50 (MOD)
M Treas 12:07 (MOD)
S Moore 8:28 (MOD)
V Southworth 9:12
C Dodge 11:38 (MOD)
K Berndt 13:02 (MOD)
Stein? 11:52 (MOD)
S Hulin 7:56
J Harrington 8:58
J Gipson 8:52 (MOD)
HY Tom 9:3

Hoi_Yee said...

HY Tom: 9:34

Matt said...

Whoops I guess I forgot my time. I think it was 9:40.

Evan said...

7:00 PM

Donte L 10:49
Amy R 10:57 (mod)

RachelRose said...

Chris, In case you happen to check this, I emailed Mandi the info for the PT Cain used and she'll email it to you. Hope you are getting better.