Friday 2/3/12



Thrusters (135/ 95#)
Strict Pull-Ups

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Yvette said...

Hey guys and gals :) I've always wanted to do a Tough Mudder but never had friends fit enough to make a team with ( which I heard is the most fun way to do the Mudder) I would love to make a team from Dieselers :) let me know and we can choose one together that works and register. I know I've heard Jake and Josh talking about being interested ( yup, I just put you two on the spot) :)

RachelRose said...

Yvette, may 13 in Pennsylvania?

Bill said...

There is also one in Frederick on Sept 5/6

Evan said...

7:00 am

A Shishineh 13:16 (115#)
K Kovacs 14:45 (75#)
B Bush 16:33

Allen Fountain said...

Hey Yvette, I'm game for the tough mudder. Either the May or September one works for me. Heck, why not both?

Teresa said...

For anyone interested in completing the Open WODS in a competitive environment going head to head against some athletes in our region, District CrossFit is hosting the Mid-Atlantic Open this year. If you are interested, and we get enough athletes, we could carpool. They will run the WODs on Saturday mornings. Take a look at the website:
and let me know if you are interested. Be sure to read the "event details" and "registration" information. There will also be prizes for heat winners, overall winners, and for the gym with the most participating athletes. Just wanted to see if there was any interest from those of you who plan on competing in the future. This would be a great start!

Jason H said...

I'd be down for a May Mudder, maybe September. Looks like the 13th is the only team one available for that weekend. Cost is $155 and goes to $200 April 1st.

Sunday Mudder Team

The Frederick one is available both days and is $95 until Feb 7th, and goes to $125 Feb 8 to Apr 30.

September Mudder Registration Link

jshish8 said...

how much running is involved in these mudders?

Jason H said...

Tough Mudder Info

Obstacle Course
Tough Mudder obstacle courses are typically 10-12 miles in length and feature 20-30 challenging obstacles. More than 90% of participants compete in self-formed teams of friends or colleagues. Typically, 15-20% of participants are unable to complete the course.

Bill said...

I did the Virginia Mudder last year. It was awesome! However, I do like to run. But there are plenty of "not so fit" people that do it just for fun. The obstacles make it much more bearable than just running a half marathon or whatever. I plan to do the Frederick one.

Yvette said...

Okay, let's plan for May. So far I have Rachel M., Jason H., Allen, and maybe AJ.

Allen do you think Shannon wants to participate?

Bill r u interested ?

I'll talk with you all more when I see you all at the gym. Also, Bill or Jason do you know how big a team can be??

Mandi said...


S Hulin 14:28
T Luz 14:28 modified
A Fountain 15:19
D Hook 16:16 modified
J Dorsey 16:34 modified
J Gober 17:17
K Faro 19:05 modified
J Goss 19:28
J Shrader 21:45 modified
M SUllivan 21:45 modified
N Salvador 18:58 modified

Josh said...

Yvette, keep me updated. This is something I may be interested in. I've never ran more than ~6 miles, but 10 to 12 may be doable with the obstacles to break things up.

Neale said...

6pm class

Y. Schreiber 25:40
T. Tom 14:39
R. Morano 14:45 (65#, blue band)
J. Hibbard 17:14 (115#, red band)
H.Y. Tom 16:25 (85#)
S. Stephens 18:21
S. Rana 19:14 (55# purple band)
S. Fountain 19:44 (70#, red band)
V. Kurian 21:03 (95#)
J. Gipson (45# to 15.5 box, BR)
K. Berndt 21:10 (55#, 30 strict pull ups)
E. Dean 19:20 (95#, green band)

Great job guys!