Wednesday 1/25/12


As many rounds as possible it 10 minutes:

8 Push Press (#115/#80)
8 Push-ups
8 Chest to bar Pull-ups

Post rounds to comments


Kuda said...

First time at the box and MD. I really enjoyed the WOD. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's WOD. Can anybody who lives near 8844 Columbia 100 Pkwy, Columbia, MD 21045 give me a ride to the box tomorrow? Anybody attending one of the following hrs 5pm, 6pm or 7 pm please contact me.


January 24, 2012 8:44 PM

T said...

Ahhh sad I am missing this one!!

RachelRose said...

What does 'trade paint' mean... dare i ask.
Hahaha my word verification is
'terfitsa' and I read it to myself as 'Teresa Fit USA!'

Evan said...

5:00 pm

A Shishineh 7+12
T Luz 6+5 (MOD)
A Fountain 6
J Gober 5+14
Y Schriber 5+12
S Hulin 5+12
M Sullivan 4+17
N Berkley 4
K Faro 4+12 (85#)

Mandi said...


B Bush 6
K Kovacs 4+17
S Fountain 4+13 (#75)
K Berndt 4+5 (#60,chin)
J Southworth 4+2 (#95)
M Davidson 4 (#75)
M Treas 3+18 (#95,pu)
J Gipson 3+16 (#55,knee,br)
C Twaddle 3+7
J Harrington 3+5
A Middleton 3+1 (#65)

Mandi said...


S Moore 6+1
M Willoughby 5+19
Y Gorodiskiy 5
M Stephen 4+13
K Hollar 4+12 (#105,kpu)
Z Bacskai 4+5 (#65,red-blue)
E Dean 3+18 (#75,green)
R Morano 3+18 (#65,purple)
K Kuadey 3+12 (#75,red)

Hoi_Yee said...

Did you guys see this? Pretty badass mural.

Teresa said...

Love it Rachel!