Tuesday 1/31/12



3 Round for Time:

800 m Run
40 Kettlebell Swings (53/35#)
25 Pull-ups

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*Schedule Update*
Tuesday now has 2 Rookie classes
7am and 7pm!


jshish8 said...

Is tomorrow's rookie WOD back squat?
I was planning on bringing a friend from work tomorrow...

Evan said...

I think so, AJ

I know it's the heavy week modual, and as I recall, it goes Tuesday-Squat, Thurs. - Press, Sat.-Deadlift

Evan said...

7:00 am Rookies - Box Squat

A Shishineh 195x7
B Bush 195x5
S Matthews 165x7
T Henry 165x5
A Solomon 125x20
J Hansen 125x5
G Yakaitis 125x5
R Morano 125x5

Michael said...


Anyone I know?

Michael said...

Ah, I see that it was Jeremy. How did he like it?

jshish8 said...

"2X Helen"?

Mandi said...


T Luz 20:26 (#53,russian)
A Shishineh 21:27
J Gober 21:49
M Gross 23:37
J Goss 24:18
J Dorsey 24:24
S Hulin 24:59
M Stephen 25:27
M Sullivan 27:50
K Faro 29:25 (#35)
H Dean 34:30 (green,jumping)
A Wolfsont ??:?? (#35)
N Salvador ??:?? (#35)

Neale said...

T Tom 24:14
A Fountain 23:24
J Hibbard 26:12
H.Y.Tom 25:28 (rows, Rd 1 Rx'd KB,Rd 2&3 53#KB Russian KB swing)
K. Kovacs 27:16
S. Fountain 31:06
Y. Schreiber 26:25
V. Kurian 31:19
T. Mehrotra 33:58 (ring row, 18#)
K. Berndt 31:59

Mandi said...

Box Squat 5RM

T Braglio 215
J Harrington 205
S Stephens 185
Y Gorodiskiy 165 (185x3)
Y Schreiber 155
K Kuadey 145
A Rigney 115 (125x3)
R Gonzalez 105
T Mehrotra 71.6