Monday 10/31/11


Night of the Living Deadlifts
(costumes optional)

Deadlift Ladder
7 Rounds
6 Stations

Loads unknown
20 Seconds to Lift
10 Seconds to Rotate
Increase loads every round

Post heaviest lift to comments

Susan setting National and American Powerlifting Records!


Michael said...

Congratulations, Susan. Nice job.

"Loads unknown"? Care to elaborate?

Evan said...

Seeing as how it is Halloween, and that the "Unknown" can be scary & spooky, we thought we would put together a ladder, in which athletes did not know how much was on the bar.

Each round, Simply record the station that you achieved your heaviest lift (you will know). Stations are labeled 1-6.

Your coach will reveal the secret loads to you after the WOD.

Michael said...

Fascinating! And mysterious!

Jay said...

Can't believe I have to miss a deadlift. (Cat to vet @ 5, yard decorated like a graveyard - kids wouldn't forgive me if I was gone).
Doesn't sound like something I should do with a bum arm. Next time!! Good luck to all!

Evan said...
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Teresa said...

AJ 325 tie PR!
Whitney 210 PR!
Sujata 180
Hil 175 PR!

Thanks for your patience this morning with getting everything set up. Great job.

Sujata said...

Thank you Teresa for guiding us through the ladder. I'm both happy and annoyed with my result - didn't think I would get that close to my PR but very annoyed that I was nearly at my PR and did not make it! Definitely a fun way to do Deadlifts!

Mike T said...

This looks fun, I have been wanting to do a "Blind" or unknown heavy deadlift for awhile. Should be interesting to see if I get a PR.

Got a total of 104 for the nutrition challenge this week. I had cheat meals of Chipotle's and pizza. Next week I am going to try to go with only one cheat meal but you can bet it will be a good one. :)

Evan said...

5:00 pm

Jason 430
Jim 420
Dan H 345
Steve 325
Kevin 255

Susan 295
Teresa 270 (295 I could have sworn I saw you lift this at station 3 - round 5)
Mandi - 225
Shannon 195

Mandi said...


Donte 470 PR
Mike T 395
Tyler 370
Michael G 345 PR
Vinu 295
Josh 270
Yvette 270 PR!
Rachel L 225
Hoi Yee 210
Kim 185 PR

Sujata said...

Great job hitting 225 Mandi! I have some major catch to do!!

Josh said...

What was the heaviest load for round 3?

Evan said...

Bar 6 Men's ladder was 290.

Josh said...

Thanks Evan, that's what I thought. 290 was my heaviest lift then.

Evan said...

Congratulations, Josh!

Great lifting