Friday 5/13/11



150 Wallball shots for time

Compare to 5/15/10

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Cain said...

1) Whatever he is doing looks like the opposite of fun. Go dude!
2) A long time ago we had a discussion about Kinesio taping. My chiropractor taped me up this morning, to help fix my shoulder. This stuff is great! My upper back was such a hot mess for so long I forgot where my shoulder was supposed to be. The tape provides some mechanical support, but the tactile reminder of proper position is the salient feature.

deb said...

Looks like I'll miss this one... there needs to be a law against work interfering with CF.

Cain: I used Kinesio taping for my plantar fasciitis. It was recommended by my sports massage therapist. It absolutely helped with the healing. It provided support and affected the circulation in the area (although that point is disputed by a few studies).

Evan said...

10 am

Chris 10:39
Steph 11:36
Vinu 14:27

Evan said...


Steven H 8:48
Dan H 10:41
Whitney 10:49


Teresa 6:18 GR!
Luke 7:35 GR!
Jason H 10:38
Sarah 10:50
Sujata 10:50 (10#) PR!
Kassim 11:52
Donte 13:28